World Environment Day: Dia Mirza advices to go green

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza 


The Champion of Nature says even though climate issues seem overwhelming, everyone can start somewhere to make a difference

The Champion of Nature says even though climate issues seem overwhelming, everyone can start somewhere to make a difference.

As World Environment Day is observed globally on June 5, actor, producer, environment ambassador and UN Secretary General's SDG advocate Dia Mirza says, it is time to be cognisant of the link between unsustainable development and the pandemic. And to do all we can to protect and restore the environment.

She says, "Unless we adhere to sustainable development and stop environmental degradation at every level, climate change will impact each one of us. It already is. Somehow, environmental activism is not taken seriously enough even though we are living through a pandemic caused by the inability of humans to respect nature's laws. Climate issues also seem overwhelming to many even though everyone can start somewhere. Just do something for the earth today. Plant a sapling, start segregating your waste, cut out single use plastic from your life, use natural cleaning products and biodegradable hygiene products. Do what you can, because it is better than looking away from the problem."

She feels relieved that a new research by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, shows a dramatic increase in the number of people concerned about the environment in the past five years especially after the pandemic. "The fact that people are beginning to talk about biodiversity loss, are engaging in digital activism and increasingly engaging in offline environmental campaigns gives me hope. Young people who are going to inherit the planet are asking more questions, taking part in demonstrations, choosing plant based diets and this shows that awareness levels are increasing. I hope this will give climate activism the momentum it needs to make a global impact on industries and governments," says Dia.

During the pandemic too, while spending a large amount of time at home, Dia continued to engage with online communities to share her concerns about the environment. She says, "I know I may sound repetitive at times but certain messages need to be mainstreamed and reinforced repeatedly. For instance, it is important to dispose of your masks and medical waste responsibly and think about the challenges faced by sanitation workers while clearing our garbage. Let us just be a little more mindful and sensitive towards each other and the planet. We really have no other choice if we want to survive and thrive as a race."

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