Life Tragedies Are Scary: TN Seetharam On Jayashree Ramaiah Suicide

TN Seetharam On Jayashree Ramaiah Suicide

TN Seetharam On Jayashree Ramaiah Suicide


It is a known fact that former Kannada Bigg Boss contestant and actress Jayashree Ramaiah died by suicide.

It is a known fact that former Kannada Bigg Boss contestant and actress Jayashree Ramaiah died by suicide. Director and actor T N Seetharam who usually comes live on Facebook to read his poems, has taken a break from his routine and instead expressed his grief over the death of the young actress. The actress who was suffering from depression had attempted to commit suicide earlier too. Many have offered their condolences over the death and Seetharam too has expressed his grief. "I had heard that actress Jayashree was suffering from depression. But I am heartbroken after hearing about her suicide," said the director.

TN Seetharam went on to add, Man has freedom, but famous seers say that people who committ suicide have no freedom. In the moment when they attempt suicide they will not have any kind of thoughts. They won't know what they are supposed to do. They feel that they are trapped in life's vicious circle. I don't know about the private life of Jayashree. She was a Bigg Boss participant. I got to know about her sad demise through social media. I believe she committed suicide at an old age home. I also hear that she was seeking counselling. This is really saddening. Such life tragedies make us fearful.

"We are ordinary mortals; we cannot face cruel realities of life. Sometimes others' comments embarrass us. When someone talks to us opposing us it appears atrocious. God has given us this life. No one lives until earth survives. Every one passes through rough patches in life. But it won't stay for long. But we should have patience and forbearance to wait for good days. We should not fall prey to our ego. Share your pains and pleasures with your dear ones. Let us have faith in God," he signed off.

TN Seetharam is known for making some path-breaking TV serials in Kannada. He is a household name on the Kannada small screen. He had to abruptly end his hugely popular series Magalu Janaki after suffering losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The director's decision shocked Seetharam fans who wanted to watch more of the serial. Seetharam himself appeared in the last episode to reveal the actual story of the serial and also revealed the real climax of the story.

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