Bigg Boss Episode 85 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 85 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 85 Highlights


The episode started with Nagarjuna's dashing entry with 'Zara Zara Navvaradhe' song.

The episode started with Nagarjuna's dashing entry with 'Zara Zara Navvaradhe' song. Nagarjuna reveals that the winner will get a 50 lakhs cash prize and a 300 sq yard plot in Suvarna Kutir near Shadnagar which is worth Rs. 25 lakhs. Nagarjuna asked what will the housemates do if they win. Priyanka said that she will buy a house and adopt a baby girl. Sreeram said that he will build a house.

Ravi said he will invest some in Viya's education and

Kajal said she will close her husband's 30 lakhs debt and also build an old age home. Sunny said that he will give it to his mother and take some amount to start a salon business. Maanas said that he will start a production house. Shannu said that he will give 25 lakhs to his mother and another 25 lakhs to Deepthi Sunaina.

Siri said she will clear the 10 lakhs debt of Srihan's parents, give some amount to her mother and use the rest for charity to blind people. Shannu gets into the safe zone. Nag starts 'Chittibommalu Cheppe Chitram' Ravi, Shannu, Priyanka, and Sreeram in one team and the rest in another team. One in each team will have to guess the title based on the emoticons. Ravi guesses '100% love'. Sunny guessed 'Adavi Ramudu'. Shannu guessed 'Amma Nanna Oka Tamilammayi'.

Priyanka guessed 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy', Maanas guessed 'Billa', Siri guessed 'Chintakayala Ravi'. Kajal guessed 'Gangothri'. Sunny guessed 'Bangarraju'. Sunny's team wins the game. Kajal and Ravi are in the unsafe zone. Kajal cries and said that she wants to stay in the Bigg Boss house only with audience votes but not the eviction free pass. The housemates play musical chairs with blindfolds. Sunny got out in the first round. Maanas, Sreeram, and Ravi lost in the second round.

Siri wins the game. Nagarjuna says that Sunny can use the eviction free pass to Ravi or Kajal or save it for himself. Sunny gives it Kajal. However, the pass goes waste as Ravi gets evicted. All the housemates cry. Nag asked him to give pass/fail to the housemates. Ravi gave Shannu, Sreeram, Sunny pass and fail to rest.

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