‘Devil’ review: Kalyan Ram entertains in spy-thriller

‘Devil’ review: Kalyan Ram entertains in spy-thriller

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is all set to thrill you as a secret agent in director Abhishek Nama's Devil.

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Samyukta Menon, Malvika Nair, Edward Sonnenblick, Elnaaz Norouzi, Srikanth Iyengar, Seetha, Satya, and others

Director: Abhishek Nama

Producers: Abhishek Nama

Music Director: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Cinematographer: Soundar Rajan S

Editor: Tammiraju

Rating: 3/5

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is all set to thrill you as a secret agent in director Abhishek Nama's “Devil.” The actor was seen in the first triple role in this tear in “Amigos,” is now ready with a spy thriller. Abhishek Nama directs and produces the periodic actioner under Abhishek Pictures. Samyuktha Menon plays the female lead in the film which also stars Malvika Nair in a pivotal role. The film hits theaters this Friday and let’s see how t fares at box-office.


"Devil" is a suspenseful story centered around a secret British agent caught in a murder mystery. The plot unfolds in Rasapadu, the British Province, where the daughter of a Zamindar, named Vijaya, is mysteriously murdered. In response to this, the British government assigns Agent Devil, played by Kalyan Ram, to investigate the murder mystery.

As Devil delves into the investigation, he discovers numerous shocking facts surrounding the case. The narrative takes a turn when Devil is assigned another mission known as "Operation Tiger Hunt." The film raises questions about this new mission, the true identity of Vijaya's murderer, and the connection between her murder and the newly assigned operation.

To uncover the answers to these mysteries, audiences are invited to watch the film and follow Agent Devil's journey through the intricate web of secrets and conspiracies.


The storyline of "Devil" kicks off with an intriguing premise, featuring complex subplots, powerful character dynamics, and multiple layers. The murder mystery is intricately woven with patriotic themes, adding depth to the narrative. The film introduces not just one but multiple twists in the second half, seamlessly integrated into the plot. These twists unfold organically and contribute to the overall thrill of the movie, with some moments earning applause from the audience.

However, the initial hour of the film suffers from a lack of gripping narration. The pacing is leisurely, and certain unnecessary scenes hinder the tempo. While there are a few decent moments, the first half fails to fully engage the audience.

One notable drawback is the inclusion of a couple of poorly received songs in the first hour. The first song is deemed unnecessary, while the second, despite having relevance to the plot, doesn't make a positive impact and adds to the sense of boredom. A more tightly woven screenplay in the first half could have elevated the film to a higher level.

In summary, "Devil" is a watchable period action drama featuring an interesting storyline and commendable twists. Kalyan Ram delivers a stunning performance, showcasing his versatility in choosing diverse scripts. The lack of a gripping first half prevents the movie from reaching its full potential. However, if viewers can overlook some minor flaws, the film offers an engaging experience, making it worth a try.


The film "Devil" showcases the Nandamuri hero, Kalyan Ram, excelling in his dialogue delivery, bringing a magical quality to the movie. His powerful delivery of dialogues leaves a lasting impact, with the actor portraying variations in his character with conviction. Kalyan Ram begins in a subtle manner, but as the story progresses, he transforms into a ferocious avatar, adding depth to his performance.

Samyukta Menon is pretty good in her role. She isn’t restricted to playing the romantic interest of Kalyan Ram, and her character has prominence in the story. Supporting cast members, including Vasishta Simha and Malvika Nair, contribute impressively to the film. Edward Sonnenblick, Elnaaz Norouzi, Srikanth Iyengar, and Satya also do justice to their respective characters, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.


The standout feature of "Devil" lies in Srikanth Vissa's impactful story and dialogues, particularly those related to patriotism and the hero's character. The dialogues resonate with the audience, leading to moments that are both impactful and clap-worthy. Abhishek Nama, in his directorial role, surprises the audience by showcasing his ability not only as a producer but also as a director. While the execution in the first half falls short, the film finds its footing in the latter hour.

The songs, composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar, are considered below par, although the background score is deemed decent. The cinematography by Soundar Rajan is praised for its neatness, and the stunning artwork contributes significantly to the film's appeal. The editing could have been more polished, but the production values and VFX work are acknowledged as top-notch.


Kalyan Ram’s performance






Few scenes in the first half

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