Maruthi Dons Producer Hat again, He Ventures into Production with ‘Beauty’

Maruthi Dons Producer Hat again, He Ventures into Production with ‘Beauty’

Director Maruthi, known for small-budget hits, is now producing ‘Beauty’ with Zee Studios.

Maruti has carved a niche for himself in the Indian film industry. He's built a reputation as a director who consistently delivers big hits with movies made on a shoestring budget. His success has recently catapulted him to bigger projects, including a collaboration with the pan-India star Prabhas.

One of Maruti's most celebrated films is ‘Baby.’ This unassuming movie, devoid of any major stars, took everyone by surprise when it became a runaway success. ‘Baby’ particularly resonated with younger audiences, launching the careers of its fresh-faced cast and the talented technicians behind the scenes. The film's financial success was a boon not just for the producers but for Maruti himself, who wore the producer's hat alongside the director's.

Maruti isn't resting on his laurels. He's now venturing into full-fledged production with a new film titled ‘Beauty.’ This project promises to be another exciting venture. Directed by Subrahmanyam RV, ‘Beauty’ is a collaborative effort between Maruti's team and the established Zee Studios. The official launch is scheduled for April 22nd, which might also see the unveiling of the film's final title.

The secret sauce behind ‘Baby's’ success seems to be a winning formula that Maruti might be replicating with ‘Beauty,’ ‘Baby’. banked on a cast of mostly newcomers and a storyline that captivated young viewers. There are whispers that ‘Beauty’ might follow a similar path. Adding to the intrigue is the news that Vijay Bulganin, the music composer behind ‘Baby's’ catchy tunes, is returning to collaborate on ‘Beauty’ as well.

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