Shruti Haasan Opens Up On Being In Love: I Don't Hide It, Blessed To Have A Really Wonderful Personal Life'

Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan


  • Tollywood’s ace actress spoke to the media on the occasion of World Mental Health Day and created awareness among her fans!
  • She also spoke about her personal life and sharing screen space with Prabhas in the Salaar movie!

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Tollywood's ace actress Shruti Haasan spoke to a media house and created awareness about mental health issues.

She started off by saying about pandemic times, "Yes, I think it was one of those times where it heightened the awareness. I think that's one of the best things that has come out of this situation, if you had to look at the silver lining. People are now speaking about mental health, the conversation is open and people are talking about getting the help they need."

She also added, "I have always said this, if you have fever, migraine or stomach ache, the first day you will take an aspirin or a disprin, the second day you will be like, 'mum I am not doing good', and the third day you will go to the doctor. So it's very odd to treat the brain any differently. It's the mind, it's the way it operates, it's chemicals. It's so many things to do with the functioning of your body actually."

Well, this Gabbar Singh actress also spoke about being in love and about her personal life… "I don't hide things, I am not hiding anything. But my life has been for the public really since I was born. You know, even when my parents got together it was like 'ohhhhh'. So I don't hide it, I am very blessed to have a really wonderful personal life."

She also added, "I go through everything that everyone else goes through. You know, we fight, we make up, we talk, we are friends - just like everyone else. I don't hide it, but I find that when I speak about it, question number 1 - 'Shaadi kab hai? When are you getting married? Question number 2 - What does your dad think, or what is this person like', and you're just like, 'wow, this was fun till all of this came in'. That's why I don't talk about it."

When asked about her love life, she said, "It's always nice to be in love. It's always the best feeling. It's also wonderful to break up, because I get so many songs out of it. I look at the good side".

Well, Shruti Haasan will next be seen in Prabhas's Salaar movie and when asked about working with Prabhas, she said, "I am really glad to be a part of the project, not only because it's big, massive, and it's going to be dubbed in I don't know how many languages. We have lost track. I love that elementally we have reached a position in our business that we can just slice across the country and everyone will get it. I really love the director (Prashanth Neel). I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and getting to know him. He is so fantastic, and just a man in charge of the ship, and we are not going to hit the iceberg. A good director is just so wonderful. Our DOP Bhuvan sir (Bhuvan Gowda), fantastic team, just so creative. And then of course Prabhas in all of this, who is so fantastic. It's just been a blessing to be a part of a set where they let me be me, and a better version of me. I am very thankful for that,"

Well, Shruti also opened up about her parents Kamal Haasan and Sarika, "Of course, all parents take it personally first. My parents are extremely liberal and evolved and they understood, of course, therapy is fabulous. But I need therapy? 'Why, what did we do?' You take it personally".

She finally concluded by saying, "I think that happens even with parents and it's so much about saying, 'We all contribute equally to messing up and fixing things', and it is about saying, 'I need this'. Even with my parents, I was like, 'I need this, it's not about you, I am not asking you to go for therapy, I am going for therapy'".

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