A booster shot for India

A booster shot for India

The Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) finally could designate Masood Azhar,...

The Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) finally could designate Masood Azhar, chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), a global terrorist following China's withdrawal of is technical hold to the proceedings initiated by France, the United Kingdom and the United States to get him listed.

India may have reasonable ground to celebrate the same and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, may be legit in taking credit for the same.

No doubt, a long and patient process was launched by India against Masood Azhar in the international forum after releasing him in 1999 from the jail to get him listed as a global terrorist.

However much Pakistan might support him now, it would be difficult for him to run his organisation without funding from his enablers and Saudi Arabian forces and UAE individuals help.

But, Pakistan has an equal cause to celebrate here as the listing by the UNSC has also been very careful in not linking Pakistan or JeM to Pulwama and other terror activities and also with any of the Kashmiri incidents.

Does it mean that Kashmir problem is purely local? Created by local uprising?

Diplomacy has many shades and if India has won on a certain count, Pakistan too has won on a different one as far as Masood Azhar is concerned.

Secondly, the listing may have come as a breather to Pakistan facing the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) heat.

The Pakistani government has notified UNSC its moves freezing and seizure of properties owned by individuals and organisations designated as terrorists earlier in March.

It was one of the conditions of the FATF .

However, this has not been adequate in convincing the FATF in its previous review which then set a new timeline asking Pakistan to comply with its wish-list and the next review is due next month.

Pakistan may deny any link between Azhar's designation and the FATF requirement, yet, it is quite obvious that it had agreed with China on the technical hold issue.

On its part China, has played its cards deftly in trying to please India on this count.

In the process, it may have made the right move, along with Russia, in forcing a rethink on India over its pro-US stance which was increasingly becoming a major concern for both Russia and China.

Eurasia is changing fast with the US tantrums and the tactical war between China and the US on the one hand and Russia and the US on the other, have already entered a new phase.

India will be key to each of the countries thanks to its raise in stature due to various reasons including due to its diplomatic successes.

All these factors played a role in Masood Azhar's listing by the UNSC.

Politically, Narendra Modi may have scored a bull's eye, coming as it did, the announcement in the midst of the general elections, may have given him that much more leverage over the Opposition.

Does any of this change the Kashmiri situation. No. Pakistan "continues to support Kashmiri cause, "diplomatically, politically and morally". India should brace up for terror attacks as usual.

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