Kudos to our brilliant space scientists!

Kudos to our brilliant space scientists!

India has shot down one of its satellites in space with an anti-satellite missile to claim its share of pride...

India has shot down one of its satellites in space with an anti-satellite missile to claim its share of pride of place in space and also has sent alarm bells ringing around the world over weaponisation of the space.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the country's first test of such technology as a major breakthrough that establishes it as a space power. At a little over 11.10 a.m. Indian Standard Time (IST), a 13 metre-long, 19-ton missile took off from the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island Launch complex off the coast of Odisha.

Three minutes and 10 seconds later, it struck the 6,900 mm-wide heart of a Microsat-R Satellite - orbiting 268 kms above the earth - over the Bay of Bengal, blowing it to bits. India had launched the satellite almost two months ago, on January 29.

India would only be the fourth country to have used such an anti-satellite weapon after the United States, Russia and China. If the world decries, so be it. There is little that India could do about it except taking it space programmes forward for peaceful purposes.

At the same time India should also be working towards defending its national interests being threatened from its arch rivals, Pakistan and China. The terror embrace of the two countries is so strong that they could pose a double threat to our country any time.

Moreover, China has already defied world's opinion in weaponizing the outer space a few years ago just as it defied all accepted norms of behaviour in several other issues. Reaction of Pakistan was on the expected lines and that of China, just laughable.

In a 'carefully worded' statement, its foreign office said it hoped that all countries could earnestly protect lasting peace and tranquillity in space. China, of all the countries, with its solid embrace of terroristan expects India not to disturb ever-lasting peace.

There is no greater threat to the world peace and progress than China and Pakistan combine. Their calibrations and machinations are well known and are the most shameful acts. India has had a peaceful space programme for years, making earth imaging satellites and launch capabilities as a cheaper alternative to Western programmes.

It sent a low-cost probe to Mars in 2014 and plans its first manned space mission by 2022. The latest test was aimed at protecting India's assets in space against foreign attacks, the government said.

Moreover, the Prime Minister had already assured the world community that India would only use this capability for its defence, if necessary. So far only United States and China have conducted tests of anti-satellite systems against live targets in recent years.

Russia has the capability but has never tested it live. The potential of space is immense and rogue countries like China would always misuse it for its benefit. A nation with the capability to destroy satellites can also threaten to severely disturb essential daily functions from financial transactions to telephone communications to power grids.

A proud nation salutes its scientists in strengthening our armed forces and safeguarding it from enemies like China and Pakistan.

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