Myriad issues that will decide Delhi poll results

Myriad issues that will decide Delhi poll results

In a couple of days, the much sought-after Delhi Assembly results will be out. This election has been a different one compared to all the others held...

In a couple of days, the much sought-after Delhi Assembly results will be out. This election has been a different one compared to all the others held so far.

This is a first post-CAA election in the country. Perhaps, that is how the entire India is looking at it either to trash the BJP if it is defeated or blame it on polarisation if it wins. Here lies the difference when the electorate is compared to others. Unlike other constituencies, Delhi is the national capital where only local issues dominate when it comes to an election.

If it were to be a LS election, then one could have safely dragged the CAA into it. These anti-CAA protests have little bearing over the electorate and even if they do, it is only to some extent, it is generally felt. This time around the AAP has not fallen into the trap of the BJP and is steering clear of the pitfalls of the CAA, anti-CAA protests and concentrating only on development. But, of all the factors including the CAA, it is the schools that are going to make a difference it seems.

His government's performance in education - along with healthcare - is an unusual campaign plank, and a consistent headline maker. AAP swept 67 of Delhi's 70 Assembly seats five years ago, and hopes to repeat this performance on 8 February, largely on the back of its performance in education.

The AAP government runs 1,000 schools, attended by more than 1.5 million students. Education is free. In five years, the Delhi government has succeeded in a way none of the previous ones had. The AAP government under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia, who holds the Education portfolio, has allotted the highest funds to education, introduced new teacher training courses, and have infused money to improve ailing schooling infrastructure.

Overall outcomes of these efforts are visible. Medicare is another issue vital to these elections as Mohalla clinics are doing pretty well. Why would the voter be bothered about CAA in Delhi except those who do not want to produce any papers?

The tragedy for the non-BJP Opposition including the ruling AAP is that it is fishing in the same pond. The number of fish is the same. The Congress and the AAP are just dividing the votes. Any increase in Congress vote share is going to affect the AAP adversely. Hence the nuanced campaign by Kejriwal.

Yet another point in these elections is the role of the media which is worse than that of the politicians. It is counting only the Muslims, Hindus, Sikh and Isaais' among the protestors, be it pro-CAA or anti-CAA. Can't it see any Indian in either groups?

The rancour and animosity are more pronounced in entire media. Be it in trashing the BJP or the Opposition, it is leaving no stone unturned in campaigning against India itself.

Will Delhi voter fall for its antics? Or, is the voter going to focus on the issues that matter. Is the voter going to open the eyes of the rest of the country?

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