Affirm yourself to good health

Affirm yourself to good health

Health is not only what you eat or do, it's also what you think. And this has been scientifically proven.

Health is not only what you eat or do, it's also what you think. And this has been scientifically proven. Try and reflect – when you are positive, your body feels good, your mood is upbeat, and life seems worth living. When you are negative, the body either aches or feels tired, you feel low and life seems a challenge. All you need to do is change the thought to feel the difference.

Our mind has a tendency to gravitate towards lower energy thoughts. We need to put in some effort to pull it up until we reach a state where positive thinking becomes second nature. Affirmations are the tools that you can use to keep pulling your mind up. They are basically positive sentences, which inspire, energise or motivate. They subconsciously bring up mental images and repeating them regularly gradually turns them into reality.

For instance, if you need to shed some weight you can keep affirming to yourself, "I weigh 60 kilos". Initially it may seem a routine but if done with complete belief, gradually your mind will start believing it and will automatically lead you to choices that will help you get there. Yes, it is as simple as that, but nothing comes without an effort.

Always use positive statements

Instead of saying 'I am not going to eat junk food', state 'I eat healthy food'.

Be specific

Like everyone, the universe also understands only what you state. So be specific about what you want and give it a timeline, so the universe knows what it is that you want and by when.

In the present tense

Make your affirmation in the present tense as that's what you want your reality to be. Stating 'I will be healthy' is saying that it will only happen in the future. Instead affirm – 'I am healthy'.

Keep it short and simple

This makes it easy for both you and the universe to remember!

Schedule in a time slot

Figure out when in your daily routine it is that you want to affirm. This allows you to weave the rhythm into your schedule and you will remember to do it every day. The early morning hours or just before sleeping are the best times for this.

Write your affirmations

Have a special notebook for this, where you can jot down your affirmations. If there is one that you wish to be done quickly, then write it 25, 50 or even hundred times on a daily basis.

Change your password

Either the phone, computer or email password can be made into a simple affirmation like – 'iamhappy' 'iamconfident' 'iamhealthy' 'iamrich'.

Mobile screenshot

This could be your affirmation, so that whenever you look at your mobile, you are reminded of what you seek and can repeat it in your mind.

Use for self-improvisation

Affirmations are best used as tools to make you a better person. If you do that, you will receive all the things you need! So instead of only affirming for material things, why not affirm for your own evolution too?

Have belief

Only if you believe in it, will it work. Like they say, "Faith can indeed move mountains". If you don't believe in it sincerely, regardless of how much you try, it won't work. So have faith and give it a shot. You honestly have nothing to lose.

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