Be brave!

Be brave!

Whenever there is a discussion on the positive criticism, every person thinks he has very categorically been positive, when he mentioned his

Whenever there is a discussion on the positive criticism, every person thinks he has very categorically been positive, when he mentioned his criticism.

A cynically driven discussion cannot be judged by a person who is in the receiving end but only by the person who proclaims he was positive.

Every time you are provoked to give an opinion on anything, always remember that you are not giving an opinion for others, but you are giving an opinion because you have a view and you are okay to share it; regardless of the fact that the other person will like or not.

Sometimes people are really unapologetic about their way of expression; they remain in the impression that their way of delivery is okay.

As such the life skills and the skills to treat life and relationships positively seem missing as there are no lessons or subjects in any curriculum; they can be learnt only through the surroundings.

But if the people around you are not so equipped with that knowledge it is very difficult to portray or absorb and learn it.

Even after having known that the delivery of the expression was not so polite, people refrain from accepting and if, at all they accept, they resist themselves to talk about it to the other person, who is the receiver.

If a person realises there is a sharp expression which has been made by him, which was not so required, the simplest way is to go up to the other person and say that out and accept it.

This not only eases the person who has wronged or feels he has wronged but also to the other person, who has been at the receiving end. Some strong beliefs which should be broken immediately are…

If we appreciate people when they are being honest in their acceptance of having wronged with us, they might become complacent.

If someone has come up to us with apologies, we should resist showing that we have forgiven them otherwise they might hurt us again.

If we remain serious, only then we can make people realise that they have done wrong and make them respect us.

There are tons of such beliefs which do not allow us to trust that every situation can be turned to positivity just by changing our beliefs.

When a person believes that what he has learnt over his lifetime is the only way to handle things; he makes a big mistake and is actually closing the doors for any further improvements.

For eg., if you made a house without a window, where will the fresh air come from.

If you have believed there is no other way to handle, how will you learn new ways of handling things in a better way?

Four mantras to a wholesome positive frame of mind are:

The first to apologise is the bravest.

The first to forgive is the strongest.

The first to smile is the coolest.

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