Rather than DOING more, THINK more. FEEL more. BE MORE

Do you honour yourself? What does it mean?

If you value each and everything that you do in life, your work, your clients, your near and dear ones, you are actually honouring yourself and your existence. If you are able to respect yourself and all what you do; you are actually honouring yourself.

Why is it important?

When you honour yourself, you reach your acceptance to who you are and not struggle with that. You will not keep trying to prove yourself differently to others.

What is the value of experience in comparison to knowledge?

If you have less knowledge, you can know the way to tap into the bank account of your wisdom, which you have built over your life through your other experiences. Other way round if you are inexperienced your knowledge will balance you because it is not just one source but phenomenal resources, which give you the rays of light in what you do and how you do. Knowledge can be gained same as experience. Knowledge is power, and experience builds knowledge.

How do you tap these phenomenal resources?

You can tap these phenomenal resources through your inner urge to learn and burning fire of creative source within you. Unless you have a fire in your belly to learn, your creative sources will not open up for you.

What is the best way to fasten the success path in life?

You need to fine tune your connection to your creative source; you will grow in your career far more rapidly than by working longer hours or sweating harder at a job that you don't love. This can happen easily only if you have found a connection between your desire to learn and your creative instinct to explore these learning in different ways. Success is visible when you open the covered vessel of your phenomenal resources lying within yourself to explore and learn. Success doesn't come if you are not open to learning. Success is all about maintaining the connection between your creative sources and your learning; and keep adding your love to these new learning areas to continuously keep yourself going on this path. Once you stop bothering about the pace it picks up faster.

How do achieve that connection and yield more in the direction of success?

People, who get paid the most are those whose decisions affect the largest number of people. Anyone can dish out popcorn at a movie theatre, but fewer people can design a popcorn display that will attract lot of people. You are who you are for the way you think. Your ideas are worth more than your deeds.

What is the mantra?

Rather than DOING more, THINK more. FEEL more. BE MORE

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