Carving a niche

Hailing from Goa, actress Marina Abraham has become a household name in two Telugu States. Marina made her screen debut in 2016 with Telugu film 'Romance with Finance'. She shot to fame with her role Samantha Kalyani in Zee Telugu's popular television serial 'America Ammayi'. She is married to fellow actor and model Rohit Sahni. Now, Marina is currently playing the titular role in the serial 'Prema'.

Excerpts from an interview:

How did acting happen?

I came to Hyderabad for my education, my mother was a school principal here and then she thought that this place would be better for me to get an education. I completed my 10th standard in Goa and then completed my intermediate and graduation here. One of my mother's friend was in the acting field and then she offered me a role. I came into this industry for some pocket money (laughs), but now it has turned out to be my full-time profession.

My real journey started with auditions. I thought that I would work in movies. However, we can do only one movie per year and also there are many things that I was not comfortable with working in films. I tried a lot, I did 'Romance with Finance', and then immediately after doing that movie I got an offer from Zee Telugu for 'America Amaye' and I was very comfortable and happy with the character and then decided to get into serials. I felt people would know me better and be closer to me if I am in serials.

How did 'Prema' happen?

After 'America Amaye' I was waiting for a good offer in serials, then Zee Telugu offered me Prema as they wanted to replace the lead actress due to some personal issues. They asked me to join the serial in the midway. Although I got offers for replacement roles in serials, however, I have always declined it. But when Zee asked me the same thing, I could not say no and lapped on the role of Prema.

Do you miss Goa?

Yes! I do miss Goa, but then because of my work, I cannot make time to go there. I am just waiting for a break to visit Goa. As my husband, Rohit is also an actor, it is difficult to schedule the trip.

How was your childhood?

I was a very naughty girl. As I am the only child, I am still pampered by my mother. I lost my father at a young age and my mother and my grandmother would pamper me a lot. I was a shot-tempered person, and no one knows about it (chuckles). As time passed by my mom would ask me to stop being angry and control it. Eventually, I stopped being short-tempered.

What do you do in your free time?

When I get time, I go to a movie with my husband. I love watching movies. Whenever we get the time we go out for lunch, watch a movie and then go on a long drive. Not to miss when we head back home, we have ice cream (laughs). I also shop a lot.

Tell us about your love for dogs?

I have two dogs at home, and I believe that adopting a dog is much better than buying. If you adopt a pet, you are ensuring safety and shelter for that pet. Both my pets are adopted, one is a 'desi' dog and another one is a Pomeranian, which I found at my parking lot. Both of them are so cute. They stay with my mom and she takes care of them. Every day I make it a point that I meet them as they are a part of my life. When I go to my in-law's place three street dogs come wagging their tails as soon as they see me (smiles).

How's life on sets?

We have lots of fun on the sets. The kids in the serial are very cute and most importantly these children have accepted me as their friend and as you know it is very difficult to win a kids' heart. But then these kids have given me so much love. I mingle very well with kids that adults (laughs).

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