Hemp is new black, here's why

Hemp is new black, heres why

Who wouldn’t love wearing something that is not chemical-based? Or use a body lotion or a lip balm, which is plant-based; now legally grown hemp is increasingly being used to make clothing and a variety of wellness products; Hyderabad-based store, ‘Hemps’ stocks these amazing products full of natural goodness.


Hemp is a new rage. It is slowly gaining popularity for many things, the topmost reason being that natural and sustainable products can be made from it. Hemp-based clothing, wellness products, footwear and other accessories are slowly becoming the craze.

And now, the city-based store, Hemis, is focusing on bringing entirely natural and organic hemp products to the market. Hemis is the brainchild of Prashansa Sahani, her husband Varun Gupta and Karthik Aysola. "I and my husband Varun worked for four years on researching about Hemp. We were surprised to know that every part of this plant is helpful in making something or the other," Prashansa says.

"Nowadays, more and more people are opting for lifestyle, which is healthy and choosing natural, organic and sustainable products as a part of it. To all of them, Hemp would definitely be the perfect choice," she points out.

"In India, not many people know that Hemp is used to make clothing too. It is high time that people get introduced to it. That is what our mission is too. So, we began by introducing clothing and then slowly, moved into making of wellness products, cosmetics, footwear, pouches, lip balm, bathing soaps, bread spread, body butter, body lotions and even paper. People who know about it and like it, cannot stop using these products in their daily life," she adds.

Hemis has units in Hyderabad where they manufacture apparel, footwear and other accessories whereas skincare and nutrition products are manufactured in New Delhi.

"The demand is less as people don't know much about how useful Hemp is, which is also the reason it is a bit costly now, but I can say it is still affordable," says Prashansa, holding up a linen-like textile sample in her hand, which is super white and soft. "This cloth is made out of hemp and this one, per metre, is Rs 380. Just like any other cloth, the price of this one also depends on the quality, colour and design. We make sure it suits everyone. Recently, Shilpa Reddy customised a kurta for her son from the material she bought from our store," she adds.

Farmers in Uttarakhand produce Hemp on a daily basis, which is legal in India now, and Varun Gupta is constantly in touch with them. From harvesting to spinning, the farmers send pictures and videos and do their best to give the best. Also, the trio has learnt a lot from them than anywhere else.

"One has to know that Hemp plant is high in nutritional value too. And there's no need to worry. One will definitely not get high by using any of the products made out of this plant. Hemp is a lovely and tiny thing that is rich and balanced in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is good for your heart."

Hemps is in process of tying up with the Telangana government to spread awareness on sustainable living through Hemp. Prashansa feels that this is just the beginning and that there is a long way to go.

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