Hives anybody?

Hives anybody?

Our body communicates effectively, but most of the time we fail to listen. A bout of hives is one such communication.

Our body communicates effectively, but most of the time we fail to listen. A bout of hives is one such communication. Hives, also called urticaria, could be skin-coloured, pink or red, itchy raised welts on the skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They could cause swelling and disappear in hours, days or six weeks. If the hives persist beyond a six-week period, they are diagnosed as chronic.

Hives are common and can be irritating and stressful too. They cause discomfort and can get embarrassing. So, what's the body trying to tell us?

Read on to find out what you need to watch out for:


According to Nature's Laws every mammal produces milk only for her infant. Cow's milk is not meant for human consumption. So, it causes problems in various forms and one of them is hives. Dairy and dairy products are in fact one of the main causes of allergies. However, it's easy to replace milk. All one needs to learn are the recipes for the dairy alternatives.


Once again, meat is not our food because we don't have the anatomy to attack and kill and eat it raw like true carnivores or omnivores. When we consume something that our body is not supposed to have, it screams out in the form of hives, amongst other issues.


Through the consumption of packaged food, preservatives and other chemicals enter our body causing hives. It is, therefore, best to fuel our bodies with fresh organic produce and stay away from processed foods.

Food colourings

Packaged foods and restaurant meals bring in artificial food colourings into our system, causing a reaction of hives. Natural food colouring from fresh vegetables and fruits are always better. And while dining out, order consciously as much as possible.


Our medicines and daily house-care and personal care products including cosmetics are laden with chemicals and can trigger hives. Opt to stay as natural as possible.

Physical Factors

Exposure to sunlight, water, cold, heat, exercise, insect-bites and pressure could induce hives. However, if you are on a whole plant-based diet that includes lots of salads and fruits, your strengthened immunity will easily battle these external triggers.

Mind-Body Connection

Renowned wellness author Louise Hay has said that our body reflects our state of mind and emotions. In that sense, hives are a manifestation of our small hidden fears.

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