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Most educational institutions have moved all lectures online as an emergency response to the spread of Covid-19. Here are some teachers explained about their experiences with online teaching and offline teaching in times of corona.

Online teaching is more like a 'Robotic Surgery'

Corona brought the world to a standstill but it did not deter the learners and the passionate teachers who proved that 'The show must go on'

Virtual teaching - not a joy ride but it opened new vistas. Old hands had to learn new tricks, there was an avalanche of information and learning that teachers had to master before they could face their young, and tech savvy learners.

Team spirit, perseverance and positive attitude helped us sail through. Online teaching is more like a 'Robotic Surgery' where there is expertise and precision but it lacks human touch and warmth. No teaching is complete without touching upon the soft skills. 'Emotional Quotient' is what helps us create global citizens who aim for the stars with feet firmly planted on mother earth. If online teaching was better, computers would have replaced teachers years ago.

— Isha Desai, Teacher, Jasudben ML School & Bloomingdales Pre-primary

Offline classes are best

Online teaching was one of the biggest challenges during the time of corona as it was hard as a teacher to relate to the students in the right way. It was unsure if the children got the information that was being taught and most importantly getting their attention was a little hard initially.

But gradually online classes did become easy as we could adapt to that style of teaching.

As a teacher I feel that offline classes are the best. I can say this is because it's gets easy to can give the best of knowledge to the students based on their level of understanding and we can make sure that they concentrate and focus on what's being taught. This is not possible in online classes."

— R Pradeep, Head of the English Department,Sri Chaitanya School, Kompally, Hyderabad

Keeping students engaged

The role was greatly challenged in the past year and a half, as the lockdown impacted the usual instruction methods and teachers had to adapt to digital alternatives. But they rose to the challenge magnificently, finding novel ways to keep students engaged, igniting the spirit of curiosity and ensuring learning continuity in virtual learning sessions just as they would have done in the physical school environment. They committed themselves wholeheartedly to the cause of imparting quality education.

— Kavita Sahay Kerawalla,Vice-Chairperson, VIBGYOR Group of Schools

Online teaching is best

Learning and teaching has taken a new turn during the pandemic. One would have never thought of delivering the lessons and engaging the little ones on screen for an expected period of time. Virtual school experience has brought out the best in us. We as teachers were inquirers and risk-takers by exploring and using various tech tools during the class. We also designed and implemented hands on activities for the learners with limited resources available at home. Online learning brought our parent-school partnership to a stronger level where our parents supported the students all throughout their learning journey by assisting them during the online classes and offline tasks.

— Aarti Mongia, Oakridge International School, Bachupally

Online teaching now a part of 'new normal'

Although online teaching is not a contemporary concept and has been encouraged for many years, the challenging times of Covid-19 has promoted it on a big scale. During the pandemic, learners at all levels (graduates, post-graduates, working professionals) have adopted e-learning extensively.

Online teaching has become a part of our 'new normal'. So far, e-learning has proven to be a catalyst for designing a new and advanced method of educating learners. There's an added benefit of learning from anywhere and everywhere. However, to reap the rewards of online learning, there has to be a concentrated effort to grasp the information. We feel that online learning is here to stay and will be a part of our lives even in the distant future.

— Milind Dalvi, Dean MBA programmes, Times

Professional Learning

Online teaching was a process of evolution to adapt and realise that learning is a necessity and responsibility. Mute, Unmute, Camera, Chatbox, apps, links all thanks to the digital platforms to keep the wheel of learning still rotating.

— Mohua Bhattacharya, Oakridge International

school Bachupally

Online or offline learning and teaching never stop

Offline teaching is always gives a best experience and best results in the early stages in the student learning. Definitely can say this online teaching is become difficult for performing arts educators. But somehow this pandemic situation took us to develop ourselves with the technology and challenges to overcome from the learning practices. But it is online or offline learning and teaching never stops!

— Suman Sebastian, Oakridge International School, Bachupally

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