Mango mania!

It is summers and it's India, and there are tens of Indian dishes from every region that use mango it all its forms raw, ripe, pickled, cured, pureed, diced – and at Farzi café, it's Farzified.

The new Mango Fiesta menu that will be available at the restaurant until May 31 is extensive, uses a whole lot of mango, and gets its combinations bang on right. Take for example the Thai raw papaya salad with some slices of green mango thrown in for the tanginess or the simple and fasting food of south Koshimbir that uses mango for the sour and Tawa Chicken for the zing, and lo and behold you have an exciting salad for the non-vegetarians presented in style with a cheese crisp propped up over it.

Stir Fried Prawns with ginger and Sundried Aam Papad, Spiced Chicken Meatballs with cheese and Raw Mango filling, honey and Mango Glazed Lamb Chops. Aloo Tikki Chaat of old Dilli served with Aam ki Launji and Ghee podu baby idlis with raw mango and cashew nut masala for the vegetarians – the tapas menu is such an amazing balance of flavours, that you will be left asking for more. The green and ripe mango used judiciously in the dishes are surely accentuating the sweet and sour flavours giving the starters a 'Mango' edge.

The deliciousness factor continued into the main course. Be it the simple and Smoky Mango Dal with Ghee Pulao, or the Andhra Fish Curry cooked with raw mango and coconut and served with steamed rice, Malabari Parotha served with paneer pepper fry, tomato and mango curry… for those who love mango and the distinct flavour it brings to the dishes, the Mango Fiesta at Farzi Café is a not to be missed meal.

And when you have had enough of everything else, top it up with mango laced desserts – like the Vanilla pod cheesecake with Kesri Aam Ras and Mango and White Chocolate Popsicle with fresh mango faluda. This fiesta will surely leave you asking for more…when did anyone have enough of mango anyway!

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