Neem: The key to good health

Neem: The key to good health

Add neem in your daily diet and reap its health benefits as you see the positive changes

I am so glad that in the early 21st century a movement was started in India 'Greening India with Neem.' We all need to know that neem truly is 'Sarva Roga Nivarini', which means the curer of all ailments.

Neem in Sanskrit translates into healer and illness reliever. It's an ancient tradition in India where sipping the juice of neem in the first month of the Hindu lunar calendar boosts immunity and prevents infections the year around. This year it falls in this month of April. I sip on neem juice and strongly recommend it and it is easily available across the country and is inexpensive.

At one point in time every home in India had a neem tree. It cooled the atmosphere and its property as a natural pesticide prevented insects from destroying other plants without the side effects that come with chemicals. Organic farmers today have realised the benefits of neem as a preservative I must share with you that I just throw in a few neem leaves in my grains, pulses and spices as it prevents spoilage as well as keeps the bugs away.

Whenever a client comes to me with elevated blood sugar levels, I recommend neem juice. I have realised with the consumption of bitter neem juice daily the blood sugar levels of my clients drop significantly plus it has a positive effect in lowering stress anxiety as well as blood pressure levels.

Often people come to me with elevated cholesterol and one of the remedies I prescribe is consumption of bitter neem juice. This cleans up clogged arteries.

Neem is a powerful antioxidant thus aid in the treatment of cancer and it may help in reducing the size of tumours.

Neem leaf extracts can be used in fighting malaria; it lowers fever, increases the patient's appetite plus strengthens the immune system.

Drinking neem juice daily prevents inflammation in the body thereby reducing joint pains and can ease pain caused due to arthritis.

I have bathed in the water of dry neem leaves soaked overnight to reduce itching caused due to boiling on the skin. One of neem's most effective use is its excellent effect on the skin in general as well as to treat severe skin ailments namely eczema and psoriasis. Neem oil is applied for treating sores, burns, warts, ulcers, etc. But what the best part about neem is that it doesn't cause redness or rashes as other skin creams would. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes can be used to treat wounds, cuts, sprains and bruises.

I had a client, who suffered from repeated urinary tract infection when I recommended drinking neem juice daily it has stopped this recurrence and I regularly prescribe it for urinary tract infection.

What positive effects consumption of neem juice has on eye health is amazing and the Western world today in their health centres are prescribing neem juice. I must mention the beautifying properties of neem it prevents greying of hair its blood purifying properties makes the skin glow and keep it blemish free. Your best toothpaste would be to chew on the twigs of neem plant. Neem prevents tooth decay and it has also helped in strengthening gums. I have chewed on the twigs and its worth a try.

The curry leaf, which is an integral part of Indian cooking is sweet neem leaves they aid digestion boost overall health. One of my favourite dry chutneys is the curry leaf and sesame it is delicious and a very good source of calcium.

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