A push through motivation

A push through motivation

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi motivates FLO members on the topic ‘leading tomorrow from today’ at an event held in Hyderabad

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi motivates FLO members on the topic 'leading tomorrow from today' at an event held in Hyderabad

Ashish Vidyarthi, well-known Indian film star known for his work in 12 different Indian languages interacted with FLO members on "Leading Tomorrow from Today".

Addressing a press conference in Hyderabad recently prior to his session Ashish Vidyarthi shared that we play many roles in our life.

Roles define us. We need not limit ourselves by any set of rules. We must emerge beyond our confined roles.

I discovered myself sometime ago that I am not just an actor. I discovered that I am also an actor. Roles create facets of us. Life is long. playing different roles makes you amazing. When you play different roles, you look for something new.

I have acted in 230 films of which I was villain in 180 plus movies. And in each of these movies, the hero killed me in wide varieties of ways. When you discover more roles, you will find many ways to help society, said Ashish.

I wanted to speak beyond scripted lines. That is why I got into leadership training for the past six years he said.

Over the years, Ashish conducted workshops for leading companies, including Wipro, Voltas, Exim Bank, Synchrony Financial, TMTC, and Lokmat and others

I love Hyderabad. I lived here for the good part of my life.

Hotel Taj Banjara was my home. Very thought of Hyderabad brings smile on my face informed Ashish Vidyarthi Says Sona Chatwani, Chairperson of FLO the initiative of pickle making training of toddy sellers of Dhoolpet overwhelming response. They got 50kgs order of Pickle in the last ten days.

Soon we will be working on an initiative to train women in driving and work with Swiggy and Big Basket to get these women drivers to get delivery jobs informed Sona Chatwani.

When asked to give message to younger generation he told them not to take short cuts. There is no shortcut to success. He also gave a message to them not to opt for easy things. Don't get caught with glamour. Instead make sure you look good.

People who are successful add value to others. He told them to set out to discover something. He told them to play a bigger game than yesterday. It gives you thrill. You have 100 reasons for can't, but, find out one reason for can.

If it scares, you jump in. But what we normally avoid doing scary things. He told them to stay relevant. There is disruption happening in the whole world.

Disrupt yourself, if you want to disrupt the world. FLO gives you an opportunity for leadership said Ashih in his one and half hour talk to 150 gathering.

My definition of creativity is what all I can do with my life he said.

Keep the critics close to you. Get criticised. Get sculpted by others. Finally, he told his participants throw themselves into life.

He told them to play a beautiful game called life. He concluded that "Today leads you to tomorrow".

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