Beauty guide for teenagers

Beauty guide for teenagers

Teenage girls have variety of challenges especially when they are in search for the best beauty treatment solution

Teenage girls have variety of challenges especially when they are in search for the best beauty treatment solution. It has been observed that teenagers develop pimples frequently which hamper their looks and skin texture.

Here are a few tips that would be essential for a teenage beauty queen. Acne: The foremost problem teenagers face is acne. If the acne problem still persists, make it sure to visit a dermatologist.

Instead of spending on your jeans, getting rid of pimples is the best investment for you. Take care of your skin: Whatever you do, without a healthy skin you will not look beautiful.

So take care of your skin by following organic skin care tips. Wash your face every night with a good cleanser to remove the oil and dirt from you skin. After washing your face use a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.

Avoid the foundation: Teenage girls should not tempt to cover their acne with thick layer of foundation. Foundation in teens hides their natural beauty.

It suits women over 30. For teenagers best is to cover up their blemishes with concealer and then apply a powder or tinted moisturizers.

Never rub concealer, instead pat it: The best way to apply concealer is to pat it over blemishes or acne. Never rub.

There are some concealers that contain medication to treat acne. Put a little on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Avoid too much make-up: Don't overdo it.

Beauty tip for teens is to keep it simple instead of piling on eye shadows and blush. Even up your skin tone with tinted moisturizer and then apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Make your eyes prominent with gold eye shadow and a couple of coats of black mascara. Apply light pink or nude lip gloss to your lips.

Balance out your eyes and lips:If you like heavy eye makeup then go for nude lips with just a bit of gloss.

And if you like having dark lipstick, keep your face light and don't use heavy blush rather wear only mascara on your eyes with a light eye-shadow.

Also then avoid heavily lining your eyes. Remember not to line lips in a color darker than your gloss or lipstick.

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