Blissful skin in winters

Blissful skin in winters

Winter has ushered in and cold weather breeze is playing spoilsport for your skin. Dehydration and over dryness of upper crust of skin is also prone...

Winter has ushered in and cold weather breeze is playing spoilsport for your skin. Dehydration and over dryness of upper crust of skin is also prone to many other problems that come with cold weather. Different skin type behaves differently to the change in climatic conditions if ignored these problems can become severe and take an adverse toll. This is the time when necessary moisture is extracted from your skin, problems are aggravated for many as winter chill also brings uncomfortable dryness and dehydration.

During this time your skin needs an extra dose of care and attention. It's very common to lose moisture during winters that make the skin prone to allergies, dryness, dehydration, chapping, cracks, tanning, pigmentation, etc. Skin pores open up and creating an environment for infections. Many face problems of broken skin and cheeks which make the skin more itchy and dry, even the application of oil and moisturizer is less during these conditions. Aromatherapy is a great way of achieving skin wellness, you can cleanse your face with rose water or have water with a drop of anyone lavender, chamomile, neroli oil, aloe vera application on the skin offers optimum benefits to the skin as this tones, cleanse, moisturises and hydrates skin. You can use mild scrub made with oatmeal powder and raw milk. You can retain the glow of your face event in winter by applying a cream with cardamom or neroli oil that can bring back facial glow instantly.

Skin sensitivity is another major issue during winters, a face pack remedy prepared with milk powder and one drop of patchouli aroma oil can help you overcoming extra sensitiveness of skin and help to remove fine lines.

Dry when cold air hits your skin type and tone get prone to freckles to flakes which are most common characteristics of winter skin, people with fair skin have less pigment and less natural protection against suns UV rays, many people overlook using sunscreen in winters, and in cold weather.

Sunscreen in winters is a must, you can also opt for a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen to delay early the onset of wrinkles and signs of ageing. As you tend to soak in winter sun more often during the cold season, you get more freckles which are body's attempt to protect from previous UV damage. Freckles can get multiplied if you continue to expose your skin to sunlight without sunscreen. Dry skin tends to get drier, ramp up moisturising more during this time, you can creamy moisturiser or often do oil message too. Apply moisturiser immediately after you take shower or wash your face. Use gentle, fragrance-free soaps and cleansers.

Combination skin remains most challenging and difficult skin in cold weather, normal areas become dry and oily areas become normal and you need different treatment for different areas, applying light moisturizer to the T Zone – forehead, nose and chin and a heavier one to dryer areas like cheeks around the eyes and lips is a perfect cure. You can apply ointment on dry patches which will help you to seal moisture in and form a protective barrier You can do this in the night to avoid greasiness in the daytime.

The problem of chappy lips is most common in winters if ignored this can turn into cracked lips. Lip balm with cocoa butter, vitamins A AND E, Beeswax, petrolatum or dimethicone can help soothe and repair broken skin, you can apply lukewarm coconut oil too on the lips Sensitive skin gets more inflamed during harsh winter season causing raw, red cheeks with long-lasting hyperpigmentation spots, use products that are free from fragrance and colours, use face wash that is soap-free, clean your skin with cleanser and soft tissue.

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