Bridal wear and jewellery go hand-in-hand

Bridal wear and jewellery

Bridal wear and jewellery


ORRA,India’s leading and trusted brand of diamond jewellery have collaborated with celebrated fashion couturier Falguni & Shane Peacockto introduce its first ever designer bridal jewellery line.

ORRA,India's leading and trusted brand of diamond jewellery have collaborated with celebrated fashion couturier Falguni & Shane Peacockto introduce its first ever designer bridal jewellery line. The collection has been designed featuring ORRA's signature Crown Star diamonds with Falguni &Shane Peacock's distinct style of modern tradition. A special reveal was hosted at ORRA's flagship Begumpet storein Hyderabad, graced by Falguni & Shane Peacock, Dipu Mehta - Managing Director, ORRA and Cecil de Santa Maria - COO, ORRA.

Disha Patani is known to for scorching hot pictures on social media and her moves when she breaks into song and dance. Patani is also recognised as the face of diamond jewellery brand ORRA. Gearing up for the festive & bridal season the brand is all set to take on the bridal jewellery market with a special line in collaboration with designer duo Falguni Shane Peacock.

We caught up with the designers to find out more details:

More and more Indian designers are collaborating with jewellery brands to launch collections together, is this more of a marketing strategy or is it to create jewels which compliments the designer's collections and vice versa?

Falguni Shane Peacock: Bridal wear and jewellery always go hand-in-hand, it's so important to have the right bridal outfit and the right bridal set match one another. We really love ORRA's jewellery and the quality of diamonds they have. We were wanting to create jewellery and ORRA happened.

Tell us about the inspiration for this collection and also its unique design elements?

Falguni Shane Peacock: A lot of the collection is inspired by our current collection, Love Is, which we shot at the Taj Mahal. A lot of the lehengas have chandeliers in them and a lot of small detailing, which we have kept for the design of the jewellery. We have tried to keep the Falguni Shane Peacock signature in the jewellery.

You are the first designers to shoot their couture collection at the TAJ... tell us about the experience

Falguni Shane Peacock: We have been working for two years to get the permissions to shoot at the Taj! The monument is so inspiring and amazing, and we wanted to do everything with the right permissions. We just got the clearances in time for couture week and we knew we had to shoot the collection at the Taj. It's been one of our most amazing experiences to shoot at the Taj.

Jewellery and clothes are the biggest part of the big fat indian wedding, or for that matter even the slimmed down intimate version of it, do you agree?

Falguni Shane Peacock: Even though weddings have limits on how many people can attend, brides really want to dress up and look their best — it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for them. They don't want to compromise on the look, jewellery, and the clothes. Despite the pandemic, the brides are dressing in the way they have always dreamed — they are wanting to do what makes them happy and makes them look good.

Share with us how the collaboration came to be Falguni Shane Peacock: We have been wanting to design jewellery for a long time now. ORRA's precision and dedication towards delivering quality align very well with Falguni Shane Peacock's design sensibilities, thus creating a perfect marriage of both brands via this collaboration. With the 73 faceted diamonds that shine brighter than a usual diamond, this line has turned out to be truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

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