Decode diabetes

Decode diabetes

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From movies with caramel popcorn to samosas to the drift away from traditional cuisines, every- body is trapped in the sugar web. It is not surprising...

From movies with caramel popcorn to samosas to the drift away from traditional cuisines, every- body is trapped in the sugar web. It is not surprising that Diabetes is rising steadily in India. Wake up and take your and your family's health seriously and put an end to this crippling disease. Having worked with numerous patients over the years, I have noticed that poor food combinations and the lack of vegetables at every meal has also lead to the rise in sugar levels. Follow these guidelines and get your sugar levels under control.


Whole grains

Understanding the role of whole-grains is key to bringing down blood sugar levels. Packed with fiber, these grains prevent sugar spikes and provide satiation. Unprocessed grains like whole-wheat, rice, millets and seed grains like amaranth, barley; are equipped with vitamins and minerals that boost metabolism, allowing better sugar control. Lucky for us, these are locally grown in India.

Fat fact

I am tired of people demonizing "fat". It is an essential nutrient needed to bring down sugar levels. Having said that, it is the quality of fat that matters. These include desi cow's ghee, coconut, mustard oil, cold pressed oils of nuts and seeds. Flax seeds and walnuts provide Omega 3 that reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is touted as a leading cause of diabetes.


Where-ever health is mentioned, the only focus is protein. In this fete to increase protein and people go overboard on their meat and dairy intake. These contain hormones that hamper sugar levels in the body. My suggestion is it include moderate amount of protein through dals, pulses, peanuts, nuts, seeds and fish.

Veggie Wisdom

I can't stress enough on the importance of local vegetables. 50b% of every meal needs to be vegetables. That's the way to reduce sugar levels, control weight and boosting your immunity. In India, we have innumerable vegetables that change with every season.

Fruit factor

Fruits have always gained a bad rep when it comes to diabetes. But there are lots of fruits that can be included. They change according to the season. Currently, strawberries, oranges, guavas and papaya are low on sugar, high on fibre and are anti-oxidant rich.

Spice, nice

Cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek seeds, garcinia and curry leaves are known to lower sugar levels. Herbs like fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic, also aid in lowering blood sugar. Temper over your vegetables and dals to control your sugar levels.

Refuse refined

Foods that are overly processed in factories, are striped of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Such foods cause a steep rise in blood sugar, being one of the leading causes of diabetes. White flour, refined sugar and their products like pastries, chocolates, pastas, cookies etc. should be minimally consumed.

Compliment your food choices with regular exercise, mindful eating,yoga and beat Diabetes the Indian way!

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