Easy ways to make home Instagram-ready!

Easy ways to make home Instagram-ready!

Social media has been a breeding ground for interior decor inspirations in recent times.


Social media has been a breeding ground for interior decor inspirations in recent times. A plethora of new generation artists and designers have their picture-perfect décor and design stories up on Instagram.

Scrolling through these alluring posts can be very inspiring. Here are some decor 'pick-me-up' ideas, that can make one'shome 'Insta-worthy' in an instant!

Declutter and organise

Cleaning out expired food products is a basic but easily forgotten way to begin. The pantry can be decluttered by using clear glass or Tupperware jars in various sizes for kitchen staples like salt, sugar, coffee, masalas etc.

Stick labels and stack them up in neat rows and voila, you have a neat and quirkykitchen!

Create a kitchen garden on the windowsill

Plants are very photogenic, and a lovely little kitchen garden is nothing if not Insta-worthy! Good choices for a sunny windowsill include basil, tomatoes, cilantro, methi, rosemary and oregano.

Using a good potting mix, placing the pot in a sunny spot and avoiding over-watering the little garden are a couple of things to remember.

Experiment with the lighting

Experiment with the lighting for a touch of magic to home. The right lighting enhances mood to create an ambience that's worth a second look.

Fairy lights can be added for a zap of warmth and drama, and they can be installed within an hour. Pretty lighting is a super quick way to turn up the warm factor at home.

Put mirrors on the wardrobe shutters

Replacing the wardrobe shutters with floor to ceiling mirrors can give an instant bedroom makeover.

The room will appear visually much larger with the mirrors as it aids to bounce natural light and thereby a dramatic touch.

A word of caution, if this idea is appealing then pay attention to the position of the mirrored shutters to avoid reflecting or magnifying views that needs to be avoided.

Re-do the boring kitchen

backsplash for a completely new look A new backsplash can turn the look and feel of the entire kitchen around. Re-doing just the shutters and replacing them with new ones could also add an interesting look.

One can get this done easily for a modular kitchen. You can also try Terrazzo, which is a trending, inexpensive and easy-to-clean

décor idea that will make the kitchen look top-notch.

- HomeLane

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