Expression of emotion

Expression of emotion

Be it the stone sculptures of Radha Krishna and nature, or her paintings that are both figurative and abstract, art for Dr Snehlata Prasad is coming together of various thoughts as one beautiful emotion

Her sculptures showcase nature, its beauty, and highlight the perils of damaging it. They tug at the heartstrings of the audience and coax them to recognise the part they play in the destruction of it.

She draws huge inspiration from Radha – Krishna. "I strive to recreate that immortal and timeless romance," shares Hyderabad-based artist Snehlata Prasad, who has found her calling as an artist and dabbles in a variety of mediums.

Her installations of sculptures in stone and bronze are displayed in various places across the country. And her paintings areprimarily figurative, and on occasions abstract as well.

Born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Dr Snehlata Prasadnarrates her artistic journey, "As a child, I had an innate sense of perceiving beauty of milieu and expressing it in the form of drawing.

I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in art and focus on art study. I further channeled my creative abilities to evolve by pursuing post- graduation in the visual arts.After this I started participating in art exhibitions, camps and workshops both at the national and International levels.

It was here that I understood how the art scenario in the country worked and started developing thoughts on how to improve it."

Regarding her view on art, she says, "Art has a way of transcending boundaries and making the world unite as a single force, even if it is for a single moment.

When I look at a piece of art, it becomes a part of a complex microcosmic entity that shares various thoughts, triggers various sensory pathways in the brain, but eventually comes together as one beautiful emotion- bypassing the boundaries of space, time, race, language, sex and social strata."

Apart from several other distinguished awards and commendations, in 2017, Snehlata was bestowed with Great Asia Achiever Award (awarded by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi).

Shehad the honour of receiving the highest award for art in her home state of Rajasthan from the Lalit Kala Academy. She also holds a Limca Book of World Records for attempting the largest painting spanning 64 feet.

"In 2019, my work was showcased in the 19th solo Show at Art Entrance Gallery, Kala Ghoda Association, Mumbai and in 2018 the 18th Solo Show at ICCR Art Gallery,Indian Council for Cultural Relation, New Delhi.

Apart from these, my works have been displayed in various solo shows in Hyderabad, Goa, Haryana," she adds.

She is currently working towards making her art initiative, "Sneha Arts is an initiative that is aimed towards showcasing my work, ideology and sharing my thoughts and creative process with the rest of the world.

It is also meant to be a platform showcasing traditional, modern, contemporary art, especially Indian art. It also showcases works of several art masters and other upcoming masters.

Though she is born in Nagpur she is connected in a special way to the city of pearls, "Having made Hyderabad my home after marriage, I present the local art scene with snippets of my life from back home in Rajasthan through my work."

Sharing thoughts about how women take to art more naturally, she says, "I truly believe that art is the best profession for women. I feel this is due to the innate artistic sense that has been imbibed in women through millennia of evolution and because of this, women see the world very differently."

"I am passionate about helping people understand my vision for the field, my dreams and aspirations for the art circuit in India and ideas as to how the next generation has to be nurtured and developed so that they can carry forward the legacy they have been handed, and set new ceilings for their successors," she states.

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