Get that right frame

Get that right frame

With just a few basics in place the photos and videos you get of some great family moments will be ones you’ll treasure

Be it a trip with family or summer camp – or simply chilling with cousins as you lie around sipping on lemonade and slurping down ice lollies – summer is the perfect time to create some awesome memories with family.

Nick Woodman, GoPro founder and dad to three boys, swear by these tips and promises that the photos and videos you get will be ones you'll treasure, without any of the drama!

Here are some tips:

Play at their level

Parents often take photos or video from up high, shooting down, which means you see a lot of tops of kids' heads and miss all the good stuff!

You can crouch, crawl, kneel, lay or sit… just get down on the ground, shoot at the child's eye level and you'll get the magic you're hoping for.

Do what they want to do

Instead of trying to get kids to pose or play-act for the photo you want, set them free to do whatever activity they have in mind, from tag and hide and seek to imaginary battles on the jungle gym. Participate with them, and you'll capture the true joy of your child at play.

Skip the selfie

To capture authentic moments, get creative with the placement of your camera.

Mount it to a rung of the monkey bars, on the handlebar of a trike, bike or scooter, or throw it in the bathtub or your pool.

Whatever you can dream up, the camera can do it, and you'll get unique photos and videos and authentic moments as a result.

Hand them the camera

Hand your kid the camera and let them run, play and shoot what they think is interesting! You'll love seeing the world from their perspective and are guaranteed to get a few candid moments to cherish.

Less is more

You know what your parents/friends/mailman/grocery cashier wants to see of your kid's birthday party/family vacation/school recital?

A SHORT video that is cute and fast and quick and short. Create a video for you with music, transitions, filters and more, that people will actually want to watch.

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