Gift yourself perfect vision forever!

Gift yourself perfect vision forever!

Gift yourself perfect vision forever!


The secret lies in the mighty powerful anti-oxidant Beta carotene that plays an integral role in bringing about clear vision

Every morning, I wake up to see the golden rays of the sun pierce through the luscious foliage, illuminate the pink bougainvillea and shimmer over the blue sea. This sight instils within me peace and stability to take on the day with joy and vigour. It is our eyes that allow us to interact with our surroundings with such intimacy but we often take them for granted. This world sight day, pledge with me to look after your eye health and nourish it with foods that will ensure you maintain the twinkle in your eye.

Let me tell you one the most important food for good eye sight is –Fat. This does not mean you munch on packets of wafers but rather include good quality fats like Desi cow's ghee and coconut oil in your daily cooking. This because, the anti-oxidant required for optimal eye health is fat soluble and requires fat for absorption.

"Carrots are good for the eyes." – I'm sure all of you have heard this growing up, but have you wondered why? The secret lies in the mighty powerful anti-oxidant Beta carotene that plays an integral role in bringing about clear vision.

Beta carotene is a building block for essential nutrient – Vitamin A. It reduces oxidative stress caused by harsh light and UV rays of the sun onto our eyes. It may not give us night vision, but it definitely allows us to better in the dark. This is the reason why a deficiency in Vitamin A leads to night blindness.

Now you are probably thinking, "carrots aren't in season all year round and Naini insists we eat local and seasonal foods, so where do we get our beta carotene from? " – Worry not there are plenty of beta carotene rich foods to give you your daily dose of this anti-oxidants.


I absolutely adore pumpkins. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre you cannot miss out on this wholesome goodness. In fact, most people don't know is that pumpkin contains 31,908 mgs of beta carotene, which is twice as much vitamin A when compared to carrots, and it is also available year-round.


The humble coriander that is usually sprinkled over as a garnish, is actually a great source of coriander. Use it liberally in all your preparations and accompany a coriander chutney at all meals.

Green chillies

Do you like your food with a little spice, I certainly do. What is even better, green chillies are good source of beta carotene as well as lutein and zeaxanthin – two eye improving anti-oxidants.


A close relative of the green chilli, capsicums are also an abundant source of beta carotene. Add it your salads, subzis and sambhars. So take control of your eye health and gift yourself perfect vision forever!

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