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Yoga possesses the amazing ability to channelise our energies and balance chemicals within the body and the brain

Yoga possesses the amazing ability to channelise our energies and balance chemicals within the body and the brain. Yogic techniques are considered as the most dynamic and scientific process for your holistic development. Yoga works on both your physical body as well your mental state. There is no other practice than can do this for you. This is the reason why yoga is known as the best medicine. It is the only tool that heals, nourishes, and also enables self-discovery. Yoga has the ability to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Yoga for holistic health

Yoga is a great tool that teaches an individual how he/she can achieve good health, inner peace and harmony. Yoga and spirituality is the exploration of the self through breathing techniques known as pranyama, physical practice called yoga asanas, and delving into the mind through meditation. Through your yoga practice, you can gain insights into yourself becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Yoga thus leads us to make suitable adjustments to our lives that set us on the path towards health, peace and happiness. Yoga asanas can make one strong physically, improve flexibility, increase stamina and also enhance the functioning of all your vital organs.

Meditation builds focus

The practice of pranayama and meditation within Yoga is an exercise in mindfulness as it helps you become aware of your own body and breath. Through this strengthened connection to the self, you are better attuned to your mental well-being and this is part of the self-care process. When you meditate regularly, it helps you build focus towards your goals, improves memory and concentration. Yoga and meditation make you emotionally and mentally resilient in any given situation that you face.

Seed meditation

Beej Dhyan means 'seed 'or 'origin' and is also known as Aarambh Dhyan or Seed Meditation. This is a technique that lays the foundation for your meditation practice. This technique gives the practitioner the meditative energies that help him or her develop a meditative quality for the body.

• Before you proceed, ensure that you sanitise the place where you will be meditating with clean water.

• You can place some fresh flowers in your meditation space to bring in positive energies

• Face eastward first, and then begin to turn in a clockwise manner, turning South, West and North in the same seated position.

• In the next step, you must prepare your mind, body and spirit with the seed that will produce the energies for your meditation.

• You can have special thoughts for your mind, body and spirit with different goals for yourself. This process prepares the seed for the 3 aspects of your meditation. You can have many seeds or one.

• This will start the process of putting in the work required to turn those seeds into a reality

• This is done by the power of your actions

Conclude this meditation session by making the buzzing noise of a bee with your breath as you exhale, and plant these seeds into the universe

(The writer is a philanthropist, spiritual master, lifestyle coach, yoga-preneur and author)

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