Making an impact with V-Pact

Making an impact with V-Pact

Being independent and working is something that every woman desires. Women these days are seen achieving their goals by working or starting up their own business.

Being independent and working is something that every woman desires. Women these days are seen achieving their goals by working or starting up their own business. To give a helping hand and make life changing impact on women who want to be independent, Shilpa Rao has come up with a company 'V-Pact'- Women with a purpose helping women in finding jobs. Based in Hyderabad, this start- up chooses to help women with their choice of preferences of work.

Talking about her startup, she says, "V- Pact is a platform that helps women looking for employment opportunities. We are trying to focus on niche IT skills like LinuX profiles. Right now, I am trying to build an online portal that would help women to get jobs or their interest and skills.

I had this idea for a long time, and we launched it in 2014 and started operations in 2015. We have provided placements for a large number ofteachers and accountants. Now, we are trying to upscale it and provide our services pan India.

I do a lot of case study on women and a lot of them prefer to work from home or work between 11 am and 4 pm. India is slowly developing when it comes to women empowerment and so I would want to do my bit by helping these women."

Speaking about how the process works, Shilpa said, "I charge companies for providing them right and suitable women employee, so the candidate doesn't have to spend any money.

The salary is based on different aspects; I also give useful tips that may help them in their career. We have placed a lot of freshers andwomen who come back after a long break. Right now, content writers are in great demand. This job is quite suitable for women who have great writing skills and want to work from home and also focus on their family."

Focusing more on IT and non-IT companies, 'V-Pact' is a consulting solution for women who want to be independent.

Having a team of about 10 women which is 90 percent of employees working with her as a team for talent acquisition, Shilpa certainly is an example for empowerment of working women.

Working on 'V-Pact' Shilpa Rao also manages an online application called 'V- Play' that helps children learn and get educated. Sharing details about this app, she says, "I am one of the co- founders of this app which helps in providing worksheets, parenting control, etc.

We have inhouse content writers so anybody from any syllabus can follow. You just need to download the app and have a parent and child device, the app saves data in the form remember, understand and apply which helps to evaluate the child where he is good at. We have done this from grade 1 to 5 and very soon we will be coming up with 6 and 7. This app was launched in 2018."

For Shilpa this was never a challenge, it has always been an opportunity which encouraged her to achieve something that she wanted to do always.

She wants to focus on her portal and expand it in India and also globally. Working with ICICI bank and quitting her job after she delivered her baby, she then started planning on this startup.

On managing professional and personal life, she says, "For me it has always been my familiy's support I have a huge family that encouraged me all time."

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