Making Mother's Day momentous

Making Mothers Day momentous
Mothers Day

On the occasion of Mother's Day, celebrities REVEAL their plans of celebrating the day at the time of lockdown


The coronavirus pandemic has put the festivals and social gatherings at a back seat but this hasn't stopped people from celebrating Mother's Day. A celebration honouring the most important person of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bondings and the influence of mothers in society. Since one can't go out due to the lockdown, we can celebrate this special day with our mothers at home in various ways, such as by baking or cooking something good, watching movies together, playing games and those who stay away from their families can chat with their moms through video calls.

Being a mother I want to advice all mother's this to be healthy. I believe it's equally important for us to treat our own health as priority. As mothers, we tend to neglect our +health and give our family's interest and health utmost importance. For mothers with a hectic work schedule and a family to look after, eating right should be a priority.

— Soha Ali Khan, Actress

This Mother's Day the focus is on counting my blessings! I just realised that I have so many and most of it come from my Mom. I did a bit of baking a few weeks ago and my mom was thrilled, so perhaps I'll do that again! A nice yummy gooey chocolate cake. Since this lockdown has begun, I've been experimenting with her recipes and the look of pride & joy on her face when they turn out well is just unparallel. So I'm going to try and cook something again, yet another of her super awesome recipe. This Mother's Day, here's a special message for all the moms out there - Thank you, for putting up with our nonsense. For being our inspiration and our role models. We love you very much, we may not say it often enough, but we want you all to know that we mean it EVERY SINGLE DAY. -RJ Shezzi

This Mother's Day I am making most of the things available at home. I am making a coffee cake and a handmade greeting card for my mother. I have been making cards for her since i was a kid and she has kept them safe till date. She cannot sit still for more than five minutes but I am going to convince her for a pedicure at home. hope she says yes. —Afza Tamkanat, Artist

I cannot pamper my mother, and that is the only sad part of this Mother's Day because of Covid-19. Otherwise I would have enjoyed cooking dinner for both my mothers. But as I am in Hollywood now, I am going to cook spaghetti for my Radha Akka Amma and pasta for my Kaushalya mom and I am going to show them on video call.

— Bhavana Reddy, Kuchipudi danseuse

This Mother's Day I am with my mom. I feel like I am back to my school summer vacations because we are doing the same things. We are working out together, watching stuff together among others. For us every day is a Mother's Day. It's really nice to stay together aa we enjoy the time I think she is the perfect roommate to have.

— Adah Sharma, Actress

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