Shape up your child's career

Shape up your childs career

Every newborn is like a clay who take shape depending upon how their parents mould and carve them out. It is the way they are groomed by parents that make the best scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and others who make our nation proud

Being a woman, giving birth to a child is an emotional and wonderful experience. It's the best feeling for a woman in her lifetime. Also, it is an immense challenge to be successful in shaping the child's career and future. The new mothers in the two Telugu States spoke to Womenia and suggested their first rule in upbringing a child.

Don't punish, discipline children

Sindhu PVNS, Central head, Klay school, opines that mothers are usually the heart of the family, a glue that holds all together. They carry the child in their womb for nine months and develop an emotional bonding before birth and becomes a nurturing bond after seeing the baby for first time.

Further, she adds,"I will follow the rule, don't punish them, instead discipline them. There exists a very thin line between punishing and disciplining a child. Punishing means to give penalty whereas discipline means to provide instructions for appropriate behaviour. Parents should focus on disciplining a child and not punishing."

Teach sons gender-equality

Manasa, a working woman from Vijayawada conveys that the mother plays a very important role in character formation and upbringing of a child and none can replace this. This does not mean educated and qualified women must sit at home.

Children are keen observers and quick learners and so the mother can shape the character of a child, especially son's, so that when they grow up, they accept women as equals, give due respect and never hesitate to do household chores.

Today, many men share a lot of household work and take care of children as well and do not expect their wife to handle all the household work. They got such attitude mainly due to the upbringing by their mother.

Finally, remember the things that your parents did right and wrong, and learn from those. The seed of desire to be a good parent must have come from somewhere.

Allow kids' imagination to grow

Spandana, an IT Recruiter from Hyderabad believes that mothers are the one responsible for nurturing the wellness of the family. She says that mothers play an important role in shaping a child's future.

The child and mother relationship is the core foundationuponwhich the child's relationship with his/her life partner will be basedon. My rule for parenting is,"Don't push them to go up, support them and give them their time to realise and think and plan.

Try understanding their visions. Because kids have amazing creativity level. So, appreciate it and loveit and direct it to your experience and then advise them and suggest to them whether it is possible ornot."

Be a friend to your child

Nagamani, team lead in an MNC from Hyderabad says that mothers are so important for their daughters because they lay the foundation for the way the daughter develops and experiences her ownmothership later in life.

If your mother is distant and aloof, and cannot express heremotions, thedaughter may subconsciously copy this behaviour, when she gets children of her own.

"Parenting roles have changed dramatically over the years. My first rule of parenting is spending time with your child, talk to your child about everything so that they will not feel uncomfortablein discussing anything with you. I will always do that and see the best results," she adds.

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