The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

Harika Eranki, the founder of Anarghya Foundation, quit her job to help people in need…

Hyderabad-based Harika Eranki quit her lucrative job in an MNC and started an NGO 'Anarghya Foundation' to help the people in need. An MBA Finance graduate Harika states that she always wanted to give back to society and felt that she couldn't do more if she was employed.

"After my MBA, I worked for an MNC for a couple of years and quit my job. I was doing social activities back then too, however, I couldn't concentrate on the job as my heart was always inclined towards doing social work, hence I resigned and dedicated myself to this full-time," the 28-year-old shares.

"It is all in the upbringing… as my parents always did some kind of social activities. In 2012, When I was working, I happen to witness an incident where I received a message stating that someone needs blood immediately and this disturbed me that people have to run from pillar to post to acquire blood for their dear one… so, I donated blood and motivated my friends and family to donate and we were able to fulfil that requirement. After that incident I made people aware of the blood donation and then motivated them to donate blood," she adds.

Harika also conducts hygiene and sanitation camps in government school… "My brother is a doctor and he often visits government schools for health camps. Once, when I was still working in the MNC, I visited along with my brother to the camp and I witnessed that most of the girls in the school had urinary tract infection.

It disturbed me and I tried finding the root cause of it and during my week offs (on Saturday and Sunday) I used to work on it. I started to prioritise things and quit my job. I concentrated on conducting workshops in school and then I happen to know that girls during their menstrual cycle use their school socks as sanitary napkins. I was shocked and was determined to help these young girls to have a safe and hygienic menstrual period.

The girls tell me that it has been easy for them to come to school when they are in their periods. The per cent of girls going to school has also increased."

"The main things that are required for kids along with education are infrastructure and environment. The schools which do not have toilets we construct new toilets for the convenience of girl students.

And in some schools, the existing toilets are abandoned due to poor maintenance, so we also renovate them. We also urge the students to wash hands after ablutions and teach them the importance of hygiene," Harika says.

About her NGO she says: "It is not restricted to one particular activity – we conduct blood donation camps. Hospitals approach me for blood and then we send donors according to the need. I take classes for women in two Telugu states about menstrual hygiene management.

I educate them and give them a sanitary napkin. We also work with 'She Team' and also rehabilitate rape survivors."

"The projects I take up hardly require any fund. I follow the protocol and question the management. In worst cases, if the management doesn't have money I raise funds through crowdfunding."

"I am currently working with tribal hamlets.

These people do not have food to eat and they are prone to malnutrition. This project is in Badrachalam. I started this a few days back. I am also into organ donation. I recently got engaged and my fiancé is a very supportive," Harika signs off.

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