Treat your hair with care!

Treat your hair with care!

With frequent hair thinning, dryness and frizziness, we cannot get the look! Let’s crackdown on some facts

Our childhood was filled with the stories of Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow-white, etc. What's most exciting about them, was not the storyline but the beauty of the female character allured us the most.

Thick strands, lustrous and long hair just like Rapunzel is a dream of every girl.

A sudden rush of dreams must have evoked you to wash the hair pretty regularly and consequently blow-drying and straightening would do the job!

What a big dirty ball of a myth you have in your mind.

With frequent hair thinning, dryness and frizziness, we cannot get the look!

Let's crackdown on some facts:

Regular shampooing & conditioning will keep your hair healthy

Choosing a shampoo filled with SLS (Sodium Laureate Sulphate), Dimethicone, Triclosan, Polysorbates, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, etc. will not only cause frequent hair loss but will also interrupt with your endocrine system and may cause organ toxicity as well.

Normal shampoos strip off your natural hair moisture and disrupt the pH level of the scalp which might cause dandruff as well.

Straightening and blow-drying makes your hair smooth and silky

Straightening your hair might make you cult or fashionable for some time.

But, if done regularly, the excessive heat from these applicators can make your hair hard like a rock. The heat sucks out all the moisture from the hair and makes them frizzy.

What you need at the moment

Oil regularly

Adhering to oiling regularly, increases the blood circulation of your scalp, rejuvenates hair, restores the natural moisture content, improves the growth of the hair & enhances hair shine.

Dry scalp encourages dandruff which further leads to itchiness and increases hair breakage.

Some oils and butter to try

• Coconut oil

• Shea butter

• Cocoa butter

• Mango butter

• Avocado oil

• Olive oil

Wonderful DIY masks

Avacado + Eggs + Honey

Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, D, E and fatty acids which helps to escalate the shine & luster of the hair. Avocados help to moisturize the hair and provide the hair with the essential vitamins & proteins. It also protects it against any heat and pollution.

Botton Line: Mix eggs andAvocado in honey and enjoy natural, shiny & lustrous hair.

Bananas + Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid which wonderfully treats dry and damaged hair and is a must ingredient in your hair mask.

Bananas have a high level of potassium, vitamins and carbohydrates which locks in the moisture perfectly. With these tips keep hair problems at bay!

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