Why EQ matters at workspace

Why EQ matters at workspace

Why EQ matters at workspace


"You can’t have effective leadership without good balance of IQ and EQ" , says Vinita Bali, India’s renowned businesswoman

"You can't have effective leadership without good balance of IQ and EQ" , says Vinita Bali, India's renowned businesswoman

Ability to understand leadership depends on the ability to listen, without it, it is hard to be efficient. For that empathy is required. Empathy is the ability to understand context.

Vinita Bali was conversing with YourStory Media's Editor-at-Large Dipti Nair at a virtual session which was organised by FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter to help members grow professionally and personally.

Addressing the occasion and welcoming the gathering Usharani Manne, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter said that Emotional Intelligence helps one understand employees better, recognize strengths and weaknesses, better align and leverage their talent. Bringing the human side to work, one can connect better, solidify relationships and become good leader.

The insightful and engaging virtual talk had journalist and entrepreneur Dipti asked questions on leadership and emotional quotient to Vinita Bali. She also took on a few questions from the audience.

Calling Vinita Bali Britannia's tough cookie, Dipti asked her to share how empathy proved to be the core ingredient to her success at Britannia and why empathy is an important element of leadership. Vinita Bali said she faced bigger challenges when she was overseas. The test of empathy and emotional intelligence plays out when you are in a new environment, with new people away from your country. She recalled her work for Cadbury in the UK, Nigeria and South Africa; and for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Latin America, etc. Empathy, emotional intelligence are tested when you are in a new place, she said.

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