Women guide for WFH with a healthier back

Women guide for WFH with a healthier back

Women guide for WFH with a healthier back


While working from home, people often tend to avoid sitting in the right posture and hold a similar position for extended periods which may result in back pain

A study has suggested that women are more prone to chronic lower back pain than men. Around 80 per cent of women experience some form of back pain that inhibits their efficiency at household chores as well as other work. Lower back pain also restricts mobility, interferes with normal functioning and results in lifelong pain.

"Amidst the lockdown, there is a drastic reduction in body movement and exercise, like traveling, walking, and running when compared to a regular day. Most people are confined to small spaces and the only movement experienced is the shift between sofas, beds, kitchen tables or the floor to work," says K Madhavan, MD & Founder, Peps Industries. Pvt. Ltd.

Incorrect posture and reduced activity are the primary reasons behind an increase in back and neck pain.

Taking absolute care of our back is extremely crucial. Madhavan shares a few tips for women to keep the spine healthy and strong :

Posture matters: Good posture is one that involves training the body to stand, sit and lie down in a position that causes the least amount of strain on the supporting muscles and spine. The right posture while sitting at a desk is sitting back on a chair, with arms rested by the side, in line with the desk and not extended forwards onto the desk. To avoid backache, always try to use the support of the backrest.

Take a break: With the aim of meeting deadlines and finishing assigned tasks, a person might end up sitting at the same place, forgetting to take a break. This break plays an important role in relaxing the spine and the back. Set a timer or seek help from an app that would remind you to get up and stretch once every hour.

Work it: Working out is the best way to ease and relax the muscles. Try and schedule quick workout sessions before or after work or even during the lunch break. Basic stretching and warm-up exercises will help one maintain the body's strength and result in improved flexibility of the spine. These exercises will also help release endorphins which can greatly positively alter one's mood and help change one's outlook.

Make your own laptop stand: While working off of a kitchen or dining table, one of the most important things to do is elevate the computer/laptop to bring the monitor to eye level. Sitting on the floor with the laptop on a coffee table is also an option provided the right back support is available. This will help in maintaining the right posture.

Get a sound sleep: At the end of the day, despite a lack of physical activity, one might still feel exerted and exhausted. The mattress one sleeps on plays a huge role in ensuring good, healthy sleep and helps one wake up everyday feeling refreshed and energized. This can prove to have a very positive impact on productivity.

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