Mistakes to avoid while preparing for UPSC Prelims 2022

Mistakes to avoid while preparing for UPSC Prelims 2022

Mistakes to avoid while preparing for UPSC Prelims 2022


Students need to prepare a concrete preparation strategy that will help them to crack the Union Public Service Commission exam. Here are some of the common mistakes they must avoid while preparing for UPSC Prelims.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) annually conducts the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) to induct qualified candidates into India's civil services such as IAS, IFS, IPS, and other associated administrative services. A curriculum-intensive assessment, UPSC being a coveted exam, is one of India's toughest and most competitive exams.

Students need to prepare a concrete preparation strategy that will help them to crack the exam. Therefore, planning, selecting the right books, and deciding the amount of time to be allotted to the preparation are all crucial to clear the examination.

Here are some of the common mistakes that candidates must avoid while preparing for UPSC Prelims:

1. Misreading the Question – Most aspirants read the question in a hurry and end up marking the wrong answer. This is primarily because they either misread the question or did not read it in full. Candidates should read the Prelims questions at least twice before marking the answer in the OMR sheet.

2. Lack of Revision – In a bid to cover the maximum syllabus in a minimal amount of time, students tend to skip revision. Aspirants study their books, memorise the facts and then move ahead thinking they remember everything clearly. But aspirants must revise what they have studied. Revision is like cementing the preparation to perfection. Notes-making also helps in studying and revising what you have studied. Make note-making a habit. These notes will not only help you have a better understanding of the topic but also be the best possible revision tool.

3. Not taking Mocks / not practising PYQs – Attempting as many mock tests as possible is the key to remaining positive and motivated for the exam. Solving Previous Year Question papers can further strengthen one's knowledge for prelims, as many concepts from Previous Year Questions are repeated in the examination.

4. Selective Study of Syllabus – Aspirants often adjust the syllabus at their convenience and sometimes make guesses about which topics they can skip. Avoiding certain topics only because candidates find them tough or do not like them will prove detrimental to their preparation. Aspirants must go through all topics and complete the syllabus of UPSC while preparing.

5. Prioritising your Health – It is imperative to take care of your health as a healthy body leads to a productive study lifestyle. Cutting oneself off from the world and remaining confined to one's room and books is not the right approach to preparing for any exam. Taking regular breaks will help you feel relaxed. You should focus on a nutritional diet and regular exercise to keep a healthy body. A fresh mind and body can handle the rigour of the exam and be able to clear it.

When it comes to UPSC - Prelims, Mains and Interview preparations should be integrated. Understanding that this exam has no shortcuts, one needs to put in a lot of effort, time, and patience. If candidates remain meticulous in their preparation and avoid these common pitfalls, they will be able to achieve their desired exam outcomes.

The writer Ranganathan SVN Kondala is a top UPSC Educator at Unacademy and has over nine years of experience in teaching and guiding UPSC aspirants.

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