Parents demand ban on online classes

Parents demand ban on online classesParents demand ban on online classes

  • Parents, particularly those of pre-primary kids, point out adverse fallout
  • Why burden tiny tots and depress them with wearisome and dreary online classes, which also affects physiologically. It is doing more harm to them than any good. Apart from their attention petering out, the real class-room based learning, which is very essential to KG kids, is missing, rue parents

Hyderabad: These days one comes across children of all ages getting glued to screens – mobile, laptop or desktop – and straining their nerves to be attentive, despite the exhausting nature of excessive screen time.

Even, primary and pre-primary kids are being forced to attend e-classes, which is affecting their attention span and increasing anxiety levels.

Parents of pre-primary sections, particularly, desperately want the state government to immediately ban online classes for tiny tots.

"Do we need online class for pre-primary children? It does not make any sense to take online class. It is so shocking to see so many private schools taking online classes for tiny tots.

State government should take immediate action in cancelling the online classes in the city, as has been done in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh," demands Sirish Sunkara, a parent whose child studies in a school in Kukatpally.

"Many parents are working from home and for them it has become difficult to handle both work and children's studies at the same time. I put my meetings on hold so I could lend the laptop to my 6-year-old daughter for her class.

It does not make any sense to force the kindergarten kids to attend online classes. I don't see any point in making her attend online classes. I requested state government to close online classes for pre-primary children," said Sirisha, whose children study in a school in Suchitra.

Sunil Reddy, a parent whose child studies in a private school in Miyapur, said, " Online classes may not be such a good idea, after all, especially for pre-primary kids.

Kids need close attachment and physical activity-based learning. 3-5 years kids observe a lot and get influenced by the teacher or parents sitting next to them. In such age personal/room teaching is much more important than the online classes."

"The pre-primary children are less attentive and cannot sit continuously in front of any device and it is not good for their health. It also takes time to teach them online, as in limited time it is impossible to teach them.

My son is in UKG daily in the morning. I have to force him to sit in front of the system. I wish the online classes get cancelled so children can play and sleep comfortable,'' said Sunil, a patent whose child studies in a private school in Hi-Tech City.

"I think it's really not required for kids below 10 years as any device like a smartphone, laptop, tab affect their eyes. These small children are unable to understand what the teacher is saying, in the device.

In schools, teacher can explain according to the capacity of the student," said Rajesh Reddy, a parent whose child studies in a school in Kukatpally.

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