The strategy paradox

The strategy paradox

The strategy paradox


Strategic thinking projects our inner and outer reflections with tangible measurable results. As one progresses way ahead, strategic values lead us way up or down based on our approach and applicability.

Strategic thinking projects our inner and outer reflections with tangible measurable results. As one progresses way ahead, strategic values lead us way up or down based on our approach and applicability.

Strategic insightfulness enables us to weigh pros and cons in our business value propositions. It's time to showcase our think tank approach through execution and implementation of a strategic approach in our varied tasks.


l Strategy

l Strategic Thinking

l Leadership

As we set the stage for strategic thinking, we need to embrace our mindset by fine tuning. We need to understand the various dimensions of strategies to apply them in our daily life. Making time for clear cut strategies is surely a win-win.

By dveloping and implementing right strategies, we are future ready to accomplish any complicated task. We take realistic solutions by being well informed on all fronts.

We gain an immense foothold by measuring our success based on results and a balance scorecard. Be alone limitations, our habits make or break us by being or not being a strategist of the hallmark name and f

To elucidate the placebo effect of all planning, be it the red plans or the blue plans, the innate ingredient to eschew is Strategy. Why is it so paramount for any industry or enterprise? Lets understand the concept a little better.

All heightened activity in an organisation be it at the helm or bottom of the pyramid which has a set of traits which include key takeaways viz.

goals or aspirations, innate drive to navigate the pathways, human potential in the operational management corridors, connectivity drivers as human resources, internal & external stakeholders, with a blueprint to achieve the impossible with a path trodden by challenges. Shaping the destiny of the organisation are the action heroes while downtrodding the path are the noise makers.

It's a lyrical sonnet that either fascinates or drives the customers away.

Effective strategic planning articulates not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful.

A strategic plan is a vision statement which encodes the think tank approach of the cheerleader who has a blueprint which needs to

be designed to give shape to the dreams which turn into actionable goals thereby realising the authenticated dream.

For this the visionary needs to align it with a purpose, right people who drive the goal sets ahead with a core purpose or objective. It becomes an envisioned reality. Moving from a powerful vision to a dream and thereby to an aspiration.

Strategic management is the comprehensive collection of ongoing activities and processes that organizations use to systematically coordinate and align resources and actions with mission, vision and strategy throughout an organization. Strategic management activities transform the static plan into a system that provides strategic performance feedback to decision making and enables the plan to evolve and grow as requirements and other circumstances change. Strategy Execution is basically synonymous with Strategy Management and amounts to the systematic implementation of a plan.

Strategy Map in designing the future with a key srategic management tools will take care of all informed decisions.

With proper assessment of environment factors be it internal or external, evaluation with tangible results, and setting goals to realise them.

Factors which enhances the stakeholder quotient are latent trust coupled with clauses, defined statements, mechanisms of approach, with a strong allied organisational guidelines.

So the dynamic trio of Leadership Strategy and Execution are condusive and cordial for the success of an organisation or enterprise. Strategy red or blue is paramount for our growth component.

With dexterity, latent talent and tapping the human potential will fetch the desired results. Let's embrace a more giving, caring and fertile approach in realising the potential of red or blue strategy which are more or less common in practicality and delivery. Moving from a powerful vision to a powerful reality through effective strategy.

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