Dr Bhagwat: A great Indian role model

Dr Bhagwat: A great Indian role model

I have been listening and following Dr Mohan Bhagwat for many years now, and every time I hear him speak, there is a precision impact which drives...

I have been listening and following Dr Mohan Bhagwat for many years now, and every time I hear him speak, there is a precision impact which drives superior inspiration in me.

I strongly believe that his speech does the same to millions across the nation. Dr Mohan Bhagwat is the leader of the largest voluntary human service organisation in the world, the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) and he humbly believes that he is not even the first amongst equals.

A nation with the greatest civilization as a legacy, a superior powerhouse of universal knowledge, a pathfinder for the world in inventions, discoveries, literature and arts, a civilization with highest order of human values is India.

It has since few centuries, especially after relentless foreign invasions, leading up to post Independent era has been consistently on the downslide in all the above superior characteristics. The greatness of this nation has been unfortunately rendered to our glorious past, historic past accomplishments and centuries-old glory.

There is hardly any pathbreaking new accomplishment we can claim in the contemporary India, at the scale which would reflect our actual intellectual worth.

While, there are innumerable factors which have shockingly impacted the great Indian civilisation negatively for the last few centuries, I truly believe lack of positive and powerful role models is a major factor for our consistent downfall.

I, being a student of psychology and management, feel that the impact role models have in a society can't be stressed enough. In fact, who actually shapes all societies to be what they actually are – are 'role models'. Every society clearly reflects which kind and what types of role models influence that society.

Aggressive capitalism and seamless global economies have shattered the indigenous consumer habits, stand-alone market models and legacy demand and supply patterns. They have also destroyed indigenous social value frame works, nationalist behavioral patterns and invaluable national intellectual legacy.

India has been bereft of both India-specific value system and great Indian role models since decades now. Especially after Independence with few exceptions, Indian society is totally clueless of an 'Ideal Indian value framework'. There are hardly any positive, powerful role models who amplify and re-present the glory of 'being an Indian'.

Dr Mohan Bhagwat is an impeccable, positive and a powerful 'Indian role model'. He epitomises and can be an authentic benchmark for a 'Great Indian' if one aspires to be. The highest human standards, behavior, intellect, skills and values, he lives with every day and represents are what every Indian should aspire to accomplish. While there are many powerful facets to this great man, I would like to outline just few to initiate the non-initiated into role-modeling.

Mohan Bhagwat has been 'a seeker' from the beginning, it reflects in his open mind to seek more every day. Every speech and every aspect of his organisational leadership reflects his open mind and tolerance to an alternate thought.

Those who know that knowledge sometimes can be a hurdle to seek more, doesn't let his current level of knowledge, dominate his urge to seek more. If one is not learning, he is not living. This attribute of Dr Bhagwat can impact the entire current generation, who are building a tendency to feel 'I know everything' and are not even willing to listen to their parents or teachers.

Expression says it all. When one opens his mouth, his entire world is exhibitive to those outside. The knowledge and the depth of a man can be assessed when they start speaking. In the society we live in, where a spoken word has almost lost its actual value and it requires extreme effort to get a point across, Dr Bhagwat's expression flows like a divine river.

His expression is simple, has purity of soul, clarity of purpose and precision of select words. He is neither aggressive nor repetitive. He is neither fake nor manipulative in his expression. He is neither presumptive nor judgmental in his communication. Dr Mohan Bhagwat can be a superior role model for 'precision communication'.

There are several other key facets of Dr Mohan Bhagwat's personality, which can unimaginably impact those who wish to emulate, follow and role-model him. I have highlighted just few.

India needs leaders in every fraternity. It needs leaders in every socio-economic layer and in every family unit, for this country to attain the greatness it deserves. Dr Mohan Bhagwat has chosen RSS over any other personal career choice; he chose to serve a larger cause than himself. He has chosen to serve his dharma and his nation. An exceptionally tall national leader, his entire life is exemplary and he can be a positive, powerful and a great role model for India.

(The author is the chief spokesperson of the BJP Telangana State unit and an organisational strategist)

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