Coronavirus, a lethal blow on dreams of younger generation

Coronavirus, a lethal blow on dreams of younger generation

The younger generation is under tremendous stress because Corona shattered their dreams on future. Yes, Corona has devastated every walk of our lives...

The younger generation is under tremendous stress because Corona shattered their dreams on future. Yes, Corona has devastated every walk of our lives and pulled us near to the ground in all fronts. Further, the apprehensions about its effect have not allowed the crisis management team to overcome the vacuity created by the deadly virus at all levels.

The impact of the mayhem of this lethal virus is more than a conventional war. It seems that in our country we are thinking that we are in a better place than the rest of the world in terms of deaths and the rate of transmission. But, it has thrown a lethal blow on all our nation-supporting sectors. Particularly on education. Yes, the education sector has been a worst affected one and it seems that the completion of the academic year 2020 has become bumpier.

The lockdown from the end of March to mid-May has traumatised all the imaginations of younger generations regarding their final examinations and various CETs. The uncertainty prevailing in the minds of authorities on the conduct of exams and CETs had forced the UGC to reschedule the academic calendar.

However, the dubiety of a Covid-free country and the threat to face the other that are in the box, we should have to make our educational system more flexible than rigid. First, it is necessary to categorise the areas as instruction, practical work, and assessment. In the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a mirage to think about the normal classroom and its proceedings. In our country, the classrooms were built for only accommodating the pupil basing on the topography of the said area and it's not possible for keeping social distance. We all know that to check the transmission rate we are having the only option left with us social distance.

Therefore, we need to follow the shift system without any deviation. However, for this also the Human Resource Department should have to categorise the schools based on the strength and allow the low strength institutes to work normally. The teaching tribe has to focus on digital teaching, the virtual classroom, Artificial intelligence and other means to impart education to their students successively. Yes, Shannon McCarthy's remark is more relevant now "Not all classrooms have four walls". The day has come, to force the student tribe to use their smartphones in classrooms for the quest of knowledge by ignoring all the other ill consequences.

It is a well-known thing that leaning theoretical concepts should have be supported by practical work. This will enhance the creativity of the minds of the younger generations. The educational institutions should have to provide proper practical work for all by allotting ample time for the students. The government and Niti Ayog should also think to establish more Atal Tinkering Labs in all areas to make our young generation more creative and innovative. We are well aware of that evaluation and assessment will provide evidence of expertise.

Unfortunately, in our country, the educational system is in the clutches of paper-pencil bound exam system and causing many hardships in the administration of the same. Of course, the lack of infra facilities also is the main barrier for online exams. If these examinations schedules are disturbed the whole process of education is deterred and causes great confusion in the society. Therefore, there is a necessity of other plans that can propel the process.

Further, the UGC and other boards are thinking in terms of promoting the students except final year students, 10 and 12th-grade students. So, it is compulsory for these students to take their final exams for academic progression. However, they are very important for taking admission into the next level or to possess jobs. The time has ripened to rethink about the effective CCE implementation at all levels and to promote the students basing on their all-inclusive performance. There is a dire need to reduce the importance of summative evaluation. Further, it is required that a comprehensive recording of the student's performance in a scholastic record to issue a passing certificate in case of any disturbance in the academic schedule.

Finally yet importantly, the government should think about strengthening of human resources of the education system. It should have to conduct online exams twice in a year for the teaching community in their subjects and giving badges to them. This will make the teaching community more agile in their respective subjects. Further, the proficiency in algorithms must be made compulsory for the teaching tribe in the country, which will not interrupt the teaching-learning process during the catastrophes. It is noticeable that education is an important factor for the development of the country and it is the only device that can transform society.

Hence, the government should have to focus on supplying it to the younger generations for the well-being of the country under any conditions. This will reduce the stress that is mounting on the younger generation minds and make them more confident towards the future. We should have to recognise the importance of the words uttered by Malcolm X "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today".

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