Game Planning @ Work

Game Planning @ Work

Game Planning @ Work


When it comes to the mavericks at work, what keeps one going when the tide turns over at odd times?

When it comes to the mavericks at work, what keeps one going when the tide turns over at odd times? Be it odd or even, the penultimate goal metric to capture the 360-degree trajectory of work ethos which is multidimensional and based at the bottom level of stratosphere is something to thrive on consistently.

Whether the Mondays ring in blue or Thursdays bloom in with yellow, it all levels down to strategy, one which shoots up the chart way through a course of action adopting the think-tank approach which meets all goals practical or theory are characterised with measurable results.

The blueprint of such formulated goals has to be vouched with a cumulative effect based on the approach of practice. Goals are manifold – career, educational, professional, student, all of which have a contingency plan. How do we measure the resultant criteria? Are they meeting the expectations of the audiences, and if so, what is the result bearing?

The parameter which counts the most is the tasks chosen and oriented towards the action taken which is the resultant parameter. This applies to both the organisations and employees who are the phenomenal blueprints. In the technological crust we are in now, work renaissance has undergone a sea change.

Work from home, work at workstation, hybrid or remote, online calendar time, off time calendar time, full time or part time, salaried or non-salaried have many a connotation. But these roles when exhibited, ensures one to arrive at the derivatives.

Just as the perspectives vary from age to age, person to person, scenario to scenario, game planning involves ideation, strategic blue print, best practices – planning or execution or implementation, people connects, personality vs personality differentiators, group metrics, skilling variance, rural to urban and vice versa, specialization, tasks or portfolio handling, cross cultural connect and many more.

To elucidate, if a rural migrant moves to an urban place for a job, some of the immediate hiccups he/she faces is communication. For someone who is fluent in Telugu, can't adjust to the urban pavilion, language, connecting with others, fear phobia, food, place of stay and many are a hindrance.

Are we addressing this problem statement to arrive at a probable solution base or continue with the problem? Skill sets are crucial, just not the subject study which is a meagre in use at work as skills dominate the work fraternity. The gaps can be filled by working on the undercurrents.

Cross currents, undercurrents do co-exist. But to nullify these negations, one has to toil to see greener pastures. The blueprint mechanism thereby would be to adopt good role models to emulate and practise.

Role playing of icons, key personalities making a distinguishing mark, mentors to guide and goad at all times shapes the innate personality. Just as leadership nuances are redefined, a leader is no longer a leader if he/she is not connecting with the bottom-line. The top-up approach of leadership is now shunned .

Real thought leadership is looking at 360-degree view to garner the best results which showcases the best practices. The bottom of the pyramid has to meet the needs of all strata equally.

In a scenario of rising unsung heroes, combating challenges and converting them to opportunities is a true litmus test. Revival of a culture which is the epitome of any leading organisation, leaders who are making a difference are the ones who leave a legacy for the new generations to emulate the old and carve a new path to the generation they represent.

Just as game planning is a trend-setter, an implementation and execution will change the landscape scenario completely. The hallmark of any successful young hero is endurance, the ability to practise hard and smart first without any expectations.

Without challenges there is no easy way, but when the testimony of workmanship spirit is tested, it's a true litmus test for a win-win.

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