India and Congress divisive doctrine

India and Congress divisive doctrine

India seems to be going through a midlife crisis, after 70 years of freedom.

India seems to be going through a midlife crisis, after 70 years of freedom. A loosely held nation which was enslaved by occupying forces for over thousand years, has been unleashed from the grip of its colonial masters after centuries of resistance. History of a nation has lot to do with its present and future.

India should have started with an end in mind for 'nation building' right after the Independence. Contemporary national leaders of that time, especially Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and other key leaders should have initiated a proactive process of designing composite 'Indian National Values'.

They would have designed and propagated, if they understood the impact of a well-designed national value framework and its impact on generations of Indians and for eternity. That did not happen, and we as a nation, continue to wade through the maze of time, simply with no value guidance for our nationals.

A process of confabulation on 'the body of nation' was initiated through establishing 'Constituent Assembly' after Independence duly - which only discussed the Constitution, governance and administration of this nation but not on empowering the nationals and guiding them through a process of value integration.

India did become a 'Union of States' by integrating over 500 princely States into one nation but failed to integrate the minds of Indians into one national - 'Indian'.

The self-proclaimed shallow intellectuals and conscience keepers of the nation in the last three generations haven't either found time nor the need for designing and delivering the 'national value framework'.

In fact a few buffoons talk the language of disintegration masqueraded as praise by saying - there's no 'One India' - 'India is not a singular unit, there are many India's ' etc... these statements are not naive and innocent but are conspired to be divisive, to keep India loosely held into bits and pieces on regional, religious and caste lines.

The Congress party's clear intent since Independence is to ensure India doesn't integrate fully on the lines of nationalism or composite national values. No wonder, none of the Congress Prime Ministers talked or acted on any composite national values to integrate the minds of Indians.

Standardisation and uniformity of national values across the nation is looked at as a threat instead of a great opportunity, for petty political gains of grabbing power and retaining it.

Seventy years of planned regional, communal and religious balkanisation of India has yielded what the Congress and the Communist parties wanted, a disintegrated population with no composite national value system to unite them at the mind level, with no unique cultural identity of the great Indian nation. With above said, there are no rewards for guessing why generation after generation of large sections of Indians are losing fundamental ability, empathy and competence to see the larger national picture of India's past, present and future.

If in a nation like India, some sections of young educated nationals can be misled easily on a law which has been passed by both Houses of Parliament through due process, and which is a limited, one-time legislation to grant relief to religiously persecuted minorities from few neighbouring Islamic nations, what can be the standard of these young Indians?

Why are they, the way they are? What is driving their faulty and imaginary perception, when a documented law is in front of them and it says it all? How are they not able to make out, that they are being used by few political parties for their sheer survival?

If this is the level of comprehension of few large sections of our youngsters, serious questions arise on what is being fed into these young minds right from their homes, neighbourhoods, schools and colleges.

It is about time India recognised the need to build bridges, not walls. It is about time our national leaders initiate a proactive nation building exercise to debate, design and propagate a national framework of composite national values for nurturing great Indians for the future.

There is no alternative to building a common thread to tie and unite the entire nation from the loose ends created from the seven decades of planned social division in this nation, for political expediency of the Congress party.

(The author is the chief spokesperson of BJP Telangana State, an organizational strategist and a global leadership coach)

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