Managing stress & staying positive

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Is your glass half empty or half full? Our perspective reflects our thought process, our energies whether positive or negative impacting our personality, habits, and the overall well-being.

Is your glass half empty or half full? Our perspective reflects our thought process, our energies whether positive or negative impacting our personality, habits, and the overall well-being. With positivity we emanate positive energy, and with negativity we attract negative energy. Stress management is a key which sets right the chasms of energy with a balancing act. By being positive, we can handle any negativity in a better way. Negativity emanates from assumptions, negative thinking & people. Having a positive outlook enables one to deal better with stressful situations.

Staying positive in a negative situation is maturity; while reacting in a negative situation is being naïve. Personality shapes us – we are the creation of our own thoughts. Stress, we either make it or consume it with our own thoughtful behaviour which attributes through positive vibes or negative vibes. Let's understand stress and what are the most viable practices to reduce stress components in the younger generation and employees. Positive change comes with a good environment.

Stress management is an art. It takes a lot of effort to keep stress at bay. In a professional realm, how do we address this fearsome factor? How does one cope with stress which literally consumes one and the energy? Good positive thinking drives away stress. Managing stress consistently keeps one in good balance. By overcoming negative self-talk, people with negative mindset, chaotic environments there would be a drop in the stress levels. Exercising and walking does wonders. By being mindful we are more aware of situations and people. As the awareness quotient expands with practice, we feel more connected to positive energy. Reflecting on things can improve one's potential on the important vs the unimportant. One can get more organised with a journal by penning thoughts. De-stressing is equally an important component to minimize negativity.

It's essential to shed all negative pent up emotions which increase the level of stress. Good music, pleasing atmospheres, positive people, mentors who can uplift one's mood with good vibes all the way makes a lot of difference to one's well being.

Do we understand stress in a better way? Is it a boon or bane? How do we go about assessing stress? Do we reflect on our actions and reactions, positives and negatives, and what are the responses we generate in the brain. And what are the probable reactions? It's essential to do a walkthrough often internally to generate pleasant external vibes. Focusing on the issue is crucial, to create an affirmative action or thought. Good environment, people and a sense of bonhomie would do wonders.

Positive Thinking

Good Longevity

Less stressful


Better well-being

Can handle hardships/stress

Negative Thinking

Causes Stress

Inbuilt Phobias


Personal attacking

Converging negative to positive is a good practice. With effort and time, one can fine tune situations to be more positive. Self introspection does wonders. It makes us think optimistically and be more mature. We need to identify factors that need attention and change to incorporate that. Having a good holistic approach to life will be more preferred to avoid any eventualities. Good outlook and healthy lifestyle does wonders. We need to do a lot of pep talk, stay positive in our approach to generate positive results. Being with highly charged people will do wonders. Practicing positive thinking every day will do wonders. Often, changing the way we communicate and operate in daily life to be more assertive. Let's change ourselves first rather than the stressful situation. And we get the perspective of a problem by looking at different perspectives. By focusing on the positive we get a better clarity.

Good breaks from stress would rejuvenate the system. Right breathing is essential. Solitude is good every now and then. Positive affirmations can uplift the mind, body and soul. Learning to let go is good for the overall well being which reduces the stress levels. Enjoying the momentary phase is a great booster. Being in the present & enjoying the moment, rather than reflecting on the past and anticipating the future will increase the stress levels. In times of stress, the best thing we can do is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers. Lets choose a life devoid of stress & spread positivity for the well being of one & all.

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