Environmental Analytics: A dream job for youngsters

Environmental Analytics: A dream job for youngsters

In this digital-driven world, data and numbers rule our lives.

In this digital-driven world, data and numbers rule our lives. Amidst the complexities of life, these numbers and statistics help us understand the intricacies of various life aspects that further play a major role in improving the way we live and operations of businesses. Right from technology to business functions, every activity and aspect relies on data. This is the reason why the process of data recording and analysis forms an integral part of our world.

As the relevance of the figures surges, the need and demand for professionals possessing the expertise for handling, recording, and managing the data also grows. In the present times, various new-age fields have gained popularity in the data domain. These fields are growing significantly and are keen to employ resources that are appropriate for the domain and come with requisite educational background.

Pursuing education in a growing domain like data will provide you with a plethora of viable career opportunities. Environmental Analytics is one such domain that is gaining prominence and receives a special mention.

The new-age field of Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis in simpler terms is defined as the process of collecting data pertaining to our natural world. The statisticians or data analysts working in this field have the core responsibilities of processing raw data provided by experts in a manner that it becomes easy to comprehend for everyone. This data usually includes information on temperature, air and water pollution levels, icebergs, tree rings, etc. On the surface, the notion is that this data might not be important. However, in practicality, it is of extreme relevance for all of us. The sole reason for this is that this data affects our personal as well as professional lives. Hence, having records to analyze the insights and predict the possible occurrence of these unfortunate events can be beneficial for us at various levels.

The impact of environmental analysis on our daily life

Data extracted from environment analysis comprises information on elements and aspects that possess the capacity to affect us and our daily lives in various ways. This could be data on the daily air quality indexes or water purity which give you an insight into the existing quality levels of these important natural resources. This process also triggers an alarm warning on issues that would require your immediate concern so that you can take timely and appropriate action. This way, the field of environmental analysis can eventually help us to lead a better, healthy, and prudent life.

Environmental data also provides information around a given area's agricultural or energy requirements. This can give an average citizen an idea of their nation's progress over the years and its commitment to sustainability. Having this information in placecan further facilitate citizen awareness regarding the steps that need to be taken to improve the environmental conditions of the world as well.

Furthermore, even the government agencies rely heavily on the data provided and recorded to devise new and innovative policies and update the old ones for the overall benefit of the country and its citizens. Big conglomerates utilize environment data to conceptualize new products, services, or CSR activities as well. This is their way of contributing to enhancing the global condition. Lastly, this data also comes in handy for NGOs and other such organizations that support awareness and advocacy.

Why Environmental Analysis could be a great career choice

Environmental Analysis is a relatively newer field. As of now, it is not as popular as other domains such as business or data analysis. However, the field is gradually gaining prominence. It indeed possesses immense potential and can emerge to be a viable career option. People are now increasingly becoming aware about this field as a career prospect as well as its relevance in today's times. This is further pushing the number of people willing to utilize the service further improving the scope of operations of this field. With the expansion of operations, the talent required in the domain for it to function seamlessly also increases. Hence, it is indicative of the fact that this field has potential for employment.

With digital advancements, the carbon footprint grows significantly. This drives the need and use of environmental data. This domain is also garnering the interest of businesses in the environment and other related activities on which they will try to base their new launches so as to gain a better reputation with the masses that are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment.

Hence, any student availing of education in this field will have a plethora of career opportunities to explore and won't regret this decision of pursuing education in this field. The ones who consider this domain can easily secure jobs in international organizations that support Environmental Analysis. Some prominent names of the brands include The Society of Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), International Environment Data Rescue Organization (IEDRO), and National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP).

Summing up

Environment Analysis is an emerging field that can turn out to be a viable career option! With its primary focus on the environment, this field revolves and functions around the must-have domain of data and is thus substantially promising in terms of job opportunities. As the public's concern for environment and its condition will increase, fields like environment analysis are expected to leapbound and will become all the more relevant as well as crucial!

(The author is IT Department, Fore School of Management, New Delhi )

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