Homonyms - Part2

Homonyms - Part2



1. Complement

Example: A glass of wine is a perfect complement to a scrumptious sea food meal.


Example: Do not compliment people unnecessarily in parties, they might take it badly.

2. Confident

Example: If you have not done anything wrong then be confident in the courthouse.


Example: He shares all the private matters with his confidant.

3. Canon

Example: Canon law governs the Roman Catholic churches.


Example: In olden days, cannons were used in wars.

4. Calendar

Example: I have marked the date on my calendar.


Example: Calender is no longer used to smooth or glaze papers.

5. Desert

Example: Sahara is the second largest desert.


Example: Strawberry short cake was served to the invitees as the dessert.

6. Dying

Example: People were dying due to the epidemic.


Example: The workers were busy dyeing the clothes.

7. Dear

Example: During the Christmas time we love to buy gifts for our near and dear ones.


Example: The hunter was trying hard to shoot the deer.

8. Dissent

Example: He is going to dissent whatever I speak in the meeting, so, you guys have to support me.


Example: His slow descent from the mountain was a cause of worry for his family members.

9. Device

Example: Cell phone is indeed a useful device to communicate with people.


Example: Do not devise plans to harm him.


Example: Robert Stevenson penned down the dual life led by a doctor in his novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Example: A duel was fought between the kings to settle the dispute.


Example: India is known for its diverse culture.


Example: Divers face many challenges while working underwater.

12. Deference

Example: A knowledgeable man will always pay deference to greater men.


Example: Our difference of nature is the root of all the problems.

13. Eminent

Example: The seminar was attended by eminent scholars.


Example: The army chief announced today that there is no imminent danger of war now.

14. Emigrant

Example: The emigrant leaves his land to reside in some other country.


Example: She is an immigrant from Sweden, but she has adapted herself well with her surroundings.

15. Fair


Example: Some men love fair women.

Example: I went to the book fair yesterday.


Example: He was a fair referee, thus all the charges of bias against him were dropped.



Example: Bus fare has gone up again.


Example: Fare well in your exams.

16. Human

Example: To explain the dichotomy of human nature is quite a tough job.


Example: In our pursuit of making fast money, we must not let our humane qualities die.

17. Lessen

Example: The medicine will lessen your pain.


Example: We must learn some kind of a lesson from our past mistakes.

18. Loose

Example: Loose clothing is the latest vogue.


Example: Children often lose their money in school.

19. Ordinance

Example: The Government has recently passed an ordinance banning child labor.


Example: Ordnance factories supply ammunitions to the army.

20. Physic

Example: A physic can surely cure your health problems.


Example: an athlete must have a good physique.

21.Left- to leave

l Left- related to the side of the human body

E.g.- I left my phone on the left side of the room.

22. Pitcher- the player in baseball who throws the baseball from pitcher's mound

l Pitcher- a large jug

E.g.- The baseball pitcher asked for a pitcher of water.

23. Crane- a bird

l Crane- a machine used at construction sites

E.g.- The crane flew above the construction crane.

24. Play- the game

l Play- to play (verb)

E.g.- While they are at the play, I'm going to play with the dog.

25. Park- action of moving vehicle to a place - usually a car park

l Park- a public area close to nature

E.g.- She will park the car so we can walk in the park.

l 26.Band- a small group of musicians and vocalists

l Banned- something that is disallowed or illegal

E.g.- The band is very popular but is banned in that country.

l 27.Bear- an animal

l Bear- to tolerate

l Bare- naked or without covering

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