Making e-learning future of classroom teaching

Making e-learning future of classroom teaching

Classrooms in India are embracing the technology to impart learning as an effective setting to increase the engagement and interactivity level among...

Classrooms in India are embracing the technology to impart learning as an effective setting to increase the engagement and interactivity level among students. The experience and knowledge of teachers when complimented with the e-learning technology increases the effectiveness of learning manifold. Incorporating digital technology in classrooms makes the learning not even resourceful but also interesting enough to grab the attention of students. According to a report by KPMG in collaboration with Google 'the paid user base for online education is expected to touch 9.6 million by 2021.' The government in India also recognises the significance of digital classrooms in the country and has taken strong measures to implement digital technology in government schools and colleges.

How e-learning enhances

classroom learning

E-learning has changed the way students think about education and the way they pursue courses and degrees. It no longer refers to a physical location or any set methodology for teaching and learning. Distance and times play minimal role in the access of knowledge which some how helps in bridging the education level gap among urban and rural educational structure.

Digital learning solution has pool of resources available to make the education not only conceptually clear and strong but also more inventive and imaginative. Learners see subjects that were restricted to mere words on a page or blackboard come alive before their eyes on a screen. The visualization will allow students to intuitively grasp a relatively hard subject.

Audio-video tools can be used to immerse students into a subject with ease leading to far superior learning outcomeas it engages more senses in learning. The interactivity feature also encourages the collaborative learning as it allows more students to work together at the same time.

What makes digital learning tools so effective is they aren't limited to screens. Newer technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality allow students to live a subject. Alsodigital content available with such solutions provides them detailed and up to date content with added images, graphs, videos and useful links to related topics.

Other challenges e-learning overcomes

Classrooms in India is certainly at a developing stage and is working on other traditional educational challenges. The traditional classroom methods of memorisation and regurgitation does not prepare students to tackle the real time situations. Also, students don't show the interest and vigour to attend classes because of the typical non interesting classroom environment. E- learning creates an environment which encourages participation, discussions and let children explore wide avenues of knowledge through the resources available with the e-learning structure.

This creates a lasting impact on the students and contributes in their holistic development. Teachers also get repositories of information and knowledge to come up with customized content course structure for their subjects. Teachers can evaluate, assess and come up with right conclusion to create the course path for the students with the different innovative tools available. Since a teacher can address learners of different location at once sitting at one place, this also helps in overcoming the shortage of skilled teachers over huge no. of learners in different geographies.

These e- learning solutions are incorporating more advanced resources now a days to provide a holistic solution to the different kind of educational requirements. Incorporating Language labs and subject labs they are designed to empower the students with the resource to learn global English language and also understand the core concepts of different subjects with the advanced tools. Self-paced learning

These language labs are specifically designed to enhance the English language skill which is considered as a mandatory language to learn on global platform. E- learning solutions are not producing only educated beings, they help in creating and modelling students equipped to face the ever-challenging global work scenarios.

(The author is CEO and HR Head , Globus Infocom)

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