MK Stalin Horoscope 2021 - date of birth 1 March 1953, time 23.36 pm

MK Stalin

MK Stalin


MK Stalin Horoscope 2021 for astrology research, biography, Date of Birth, Place of birth

MK Stalin Horoscope 2021: Birth star Uttara 1st charan. Moon sign leo, ascendant scorpio.

Lagna lord Mars occupied in 5th house. Hence, lagna will have very good strength. Lagna tells about courage, determination, longevity and name and fame. Native will have strong determination, longevity and will have ambitions. 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter is in 6th house. Hence, he will take quick decisions. Due to the hasty decisions, frequently he will have problems with people. 3rd house occupied by Rahu. Hence, native will have dynamic and courageous nature. 3rd and 4th lord Saturn is in 12th house in exalted position. Simultaneously, 10th lord Sun is in 4th house and aspects 10th house. Native will have bright future in politics. 9th lord Venus is in 10th house. Native will have luck in politics and will be in good position in the party.

From 10.07.2009 to 10.07.2008 – Native will run Saturn major period. Saturn occupied exalted position. Hence, during this period, he became party president.

From 13.06.2020 to 13.01.2022, native will run Saturn major period by moon sub period. For Scorpio ascendant, moon is 8th lord and yogakaraka. He has been posted in 10th house. During this period, native will get excellent developments. From moon sign, Saturn occupied 6th house. Jupiter occupied 7th house. Rahu occupied 10th house in exalted position. Whenever Saturn will occupy 6th house from moon sign, native will destroy enemies. Hence, 2021 in Assembly elections, DMK will form the government compulsorily and Stalin will become the CM.

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