Sonia Gandhi Horoscope - date of birth 9 December 1946, time 9.30 PM, Turin, Italy

Sonia Gandhi Horoscope

Sonia Gandhi Horoscope 2021


Sonia Gandhi Horoscope 2021 for astrology research, biography, Date of Birth, Place of birth

Sonia Gandhi Horoscope 2021: Birth star Arudra 3rd charan. Rasi moon sign Gemini, ascendant cancer. Lagna lord Moon occupied in 12th house. Hence, she will not take courageous steps. 7th and 8th lord Saturn is a bitter enemy for cancer ascendant. Here, he occupied lagna and aspecting 7th house. Hence, she will have mental tension. Fourth house occupied Venus and Jupiter. Hence, Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga has formed. So, she married a rich person. 5th house occupied by sun and Mercury. Here, sun is a political planet. Therefore, she joined in politics. For cancer ascendant, Mars is 5th and 10th lord and yogakaraka for this lagna. Unfortunately, Mars has been posted in 6th house. Hence, she has not become PM of India. She has become only the president of the party.

From 30th August 2013 to 30th August 2033, she will run Venus major period. For Cancer ascendant, Venus is a badhaka planet because Venus is 4th and 11th lord for Cancer ascendant. Generally, for movable signs, 11th house is a badhaka sthana. For Cancer ascendant, moon is 11th lord.

From 30th Oct to 2022 to 30th Oct 2023, she will run Venus major period by Rahu sub period. Here, Rahu occupied in 11th house in exalted position. But, Venus and Rahu are having sashtashtakas.

From 05.09.2022 to 30.07.2022- she will run Venus major period by Rahu sub period by Saturn and Mercury vidasha. During this time, she should be very careful about her health.

From moon sign, till 16th jan 2023 native will run ashtama shani. Generaly, ashtama shani will give critical problems. From 23.05.2021 to 11.10.2021, Saturn will be in retrograde position. During this period, she should be very careful about her health.

Before 16th Jan 2023, she will quit politics.

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