TV series 'Icons of Bharat' to be aired from May 29

TV series Icons of Bharat to be aired from May 29

It features success stories of entrepreneurs and farmers

Bengaluru: The much-anticipated television series, Icons of Bharat, was launched on Friday, by the FFreedom app (a component of to showcase life-changing success stories of entrepreneurs and farmers.

Icons of Bharat will have a total of 28 one-hour episodes. Each episode will highlight five Icons of Bharat chosen for their inspirational success stories. Over three months, the series will be aired on NDTV India every Saturday and Sunday starting 29th of May, 2022, between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm. The series is intended to provide a forum for celebrating the amazing bravery and persistence of people who dared to dream. With skilling as a priority for India, Icons of Bharat is dedicated to people who have not only prospered in life through small businesses, but who have also marked the nation on the global demography as a dynamic hub of entrepreneurship. Icons of Bharat is a sincere appreciation of those entrepreneurs and farmers who have attained financial independence by creating their livelihood through small enterprises, farms, and even from their own homes.

FFreedom app, a part of IndianMoney.Com, is hoping that the featured stories will help embolden peripheral people to try and improve their quality of life at the grassroots, a belief that resonates with the comments of C S Sudheer, Founder & CEO, FFreedom app.

"There is a constant need for innovations at the grassroots to ensure that the country is constantly developing and innovating at multiple levels. This is where we felt a need to celebrate the success stories of those who have realised their potential and utilised it for the betterment of their community, society, and most importantly, themselves. We were glad to discover the stories of these unsung heroes through numerous communications we have received. We are confident that with the help of our ffreedom ambassadors, we will be able to take the stories of Icons of Bharat to a national and even global level," he said at the launch of the event.

The main objective of Icons of Bharat is to showcase the skills and the financial independence of individuals that have enabled and empowered disadvantaged people to make better-informed choices in financial matters. "Icons of Bharat is a unique platform that will enable the world to hear out the success stories of people who have provided access to knowledge and created opportunities for others to become financially independent. Thus, it becomes an important platform for people all over the country to learn and get inspired to start their own businesses.

At ffreedom, we aim to build the next-generation social commerce platform to enable person-to- person commerce," said Pratap Behera, Chief Marketing Officer, ffreedom app. Echoing his views, Ashok Pal Singh, Independent Director, FFreedom app, said, "The country needs to develop an entrepreneurial mindset at the grassroots level. And this cannot solely be the responsibility of the private sector or the Government.

It has to be a collaborative effort. The series, Icons of Bharat, is an honest and a genuine attempt to kindle a revolution of entrepreneurship in the country, and this should be encouraged and celebrated. We should continue to ensure greater participation from budding entrepreneurs and farmers from across the country in the seasons to come."

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