10 Easy Ways to Burn 100+ Calories Every Day

10 Easy Ways to Burn 100+ Calories Every Day

Isn't it seem to be a lot easier to gain weight than to lose? I am sure this thought must have been surpassed your mind hell lot of time especially when you are on a diet and working out in the gym for hours to have a perfect fit body.

Isn't it seem to be a lot easier to gain weight than to lose? I am sure this thought must have been surpassed your mind hell lot of time especially when you are on a diet and working out in the gym for hours to have a perfect fit body.

For all of the workaholic people out there, it becomes even more difficult since there is hardly any time left to go for the gym.

Well, you will be surprised to know that now you can lose weight quickly whether you are a gym beast or not!

According to health experts, sweating out in the gym is not the only option to lose weight. You can do thiswith better results by just making a few modifications in your lifestyle and counting less on calories.

The amount of weight loss is inversely proportional to the amount of calories intake per day. Lesser calories consumed, faster will be the weight loss.

No matter how much time you spent in the gym if your calorie intake is high, you will not be able to lose weight quickly. Hence it is essential to cut down on calories for faster and better weight loss.

If you already exercise, then it is a bonus for you guys to have a speedy weight loss. If you have not added exercise to your daily regime let's start the weight loss journey by cutting on calories first.

There are many benefits of eating fewer calories other than weight loss, have a look at the following:

• Healthy heart.

• A decrease in cholesterol level.

• Lower down diabetes.

• Prevention of certain type of cancers.

• Increment in the level of physical activity.

• Prevention from stress/depression.

Below are some healthy tips to burn calories. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check them out.

1. What should you eat?

One of the basic and most important things to keep in mind in order to lose weight is several changes in the balanced diet.

Cut down on junk food as they are high in calories and extremely unhealthy for your body.

Increase the intake of low-calorie food like:

• Vegetables – Cucumber, mushroom, tomatoes, celery etc.

• Proteins – Egg, fish, oats, yogurt etc.

• Fruits – watermelon, apple, berries, oranges, grapes, banana and pineapple etc.

• Whole grains- Whole grain bread, oats, brown bread, seeds etc.

• Dairy products which are fat-free.

In the summer season, we get thirsty more often and due to lack of awareness we switch to sugary or carbonated drinks over healthy fresh juices.

Did you know a regular soda or drink consists of at least 145 calories? Now imagine how many calories you are consuming every week! This reason should be enough for you to shift from these unhealthy drinks to fresh cold-pressed juices.

The most fun way to cut down on calories is to drinkcold-pressed juices. Not only it tastes well but it will also be an amazing option for all of you who do not like to eat raw fruits on a daily basis.

Cold-pressed juices are 100% natural and refreshing which helps in fulfilling the nutrient requirement in the body. There are different seasonal flavors of juices you can opt for like watermelon, pomegranate, orange, mangoes and pineapple juice. OMJOOS is the latest addition to the cold-pressed juice industry which will further help you to lose weight quickly in a short span of time.

Pineapple juice comprises of a large number of benefits if you want to cut down on calories it is highly advised! Being sweet and sour, pineapple is very less in calories i.e. only 29calories.It is a good option to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Cold-pressed pineapple juice helps in the following:

• Making the heart healthy.

• Improved eye vision.

• Makes bones stronger.

• Treats mild cough and cold.

• Improves digestion

2. Time for a dance party

Now, you don't need an excuse to sneak out of the house for a dance party with your friends.Tell the amazing benefits of dancing to your parents. I bet they won't force you to stay!

That's true, even if you casually dance for half an hour i.e. 30min you tend to lose 100 calories! It is not necessary to go to dancing clubs, you can simply switch to your favorite song at home and dance your heart out on it.

Isn'tit amazing for all of the office goings too? I am sure you can take out time easily at home at least. Plus, you don't need to care anymore on how do you look and what are you wearing. Just put on your comfy pyjama with sports shoes and go ahead!

3. For Workaholics

You get to hear from all of those who go to work for 9 to 5 that they don't get enough time to work out.

But the next time you listen to this, make he/she read these surprising tips to burn calories at work-place.

• Climbing stairs rather than lift will help in burning 100 calories per day.

• It is recommended to do some work by standing for burning calories. If you are using a laptop, take out some time to stand by keeping the laptop on the standing desk at least for 20-25mins.

• Take a 2 to 5 min walk in the lunch break.

• Park your car away from your office so that you can walk at least for 1-2 min. Go for public transport more often as you will have more time to walk.

• Cycling is the best option to burn calories if you live nearby.

4. Switch to a YouTube tutorial.

With the advent of technology nothing seems to be impossible. If you are not hitting the gym or exercising. YouTubetutorials are going to help to a greater extent.

Go through the YouTube and you will find enormous results of tutorials to do yoga/exercise at home. Yoga is advised as it will keep a balance of the overall health. Practice yoga for at least 30 min for better mental, physical and spiritual health. Seriously without spending a single penny, it has now become easier to lose weight.

5. Trekking and Hiking.

This is an obvious tip to burn calories faster. Go for trekking or hiking with your friends and family to lose twice the amount of calories that you lose by walking.

Enjoy your weekend and at the same time utilize the beneficial health results too.

6. Clean your house

You can now avail two benefits all at once. Firstly, keeping your house clean will create better mental health.

Secondly, it will help to burn a minimum of 100 calories. While you clean or do any sort of task like dusting, vacuuming etc. there is a movement of a body through which the calories are burned out.

So, next time do not hand over the cleaning of the entire house to your housemaid. Give he/she a company and see the results.

7. Play along with your friends and family.

You might search for various tips to burn calories but trust on me most of them either achieved to go out or require money, even fewer bucks.

Spend your weekend in a fun way by playing with your kids and vice versa. Indulging in a particular game for 15min will cause burning of 100 calories. Play games like jumping rope, football, tennis ball, basketball.

Next time, do not deny your child to go out and play. In fact, accompany them.

8. Sing your favorite jam.

Singing for nearly an hour can help you to burn 100-150 calories. Do not think about how well you sing or not.

Play your favorite track in the car while going to work and coming back home. It will also help in boosting up your mood and make you stress-free.

9. Laugh out loud.

I am sure you must have seen people laughing loudly in the park while you go for a walk in the morning. Although it seems pretty weird but let me tell you that this is the easiest and most fun way to decrease your calorie count.

Laughing or giggling does help in cutting down the amount up to 60-70calorie within 20min.

10. Go for shopping.

Do you like to shop? Go along with your friends, family or your beloved one to a nearby mall or where ever you are comfortable with and easily burn up to 100 calories in half an hour. It's it the best deal for all the lazy people?

Final thoughts:

You can choose any of the above mention tips to burn calories to enjoy a drastic change in your health just make sure to consult it with your doctor first.

Many people cut down on calories irrespective of the illness/disease that they are going through which will make the condition even more worse. Your body requires some certain type of nutrients especially when you go through illness otherwise you will not be able to have a speedy recovery. Therefore, it is advised to go for a routine checkup before and after you start with this regime.

You need to cut down 500 calories to drop 0.45kg that's why it is essential to count on the calories that you intake. It's totally depends upon you on how fast you want to lose weight. In order to count the amount, you can adapt a habit of writing down everything before eating, buy a calorie tracking device or download diet apps/calorie counting apps available free online.

Put all the excuses in your pocket and start burning the calories!

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